Why you should consider internal windows and glass dividers instead of walls

Windows have extensive purposes. Try using them inside the house!

Windows have an extensive purpose. It lets the light in, cools our home, and brings nature into our private spaces. But, windows can do more than opening our homes to the world around it. You can use internal windows extensively inside the house too. Having internal windows and glass dividers instead of solid walls can help you achieve a nicer interior design.

Take a look at how these transparent and translucent building materials transform a space. Here are the top reasons why you should consider glazed windows and doors in your home:

If you want a modern, dramatic ensuite…

Homeowners from Australia and New Zealand prefer an ensuite that looks and feels like a luxury hotel room. They want their own bedrooms to be an escapade. Take a cue from the design of the Mediterranean hotel room below. It has white and grey walls, a mix of plain and patterned floor tiles, a few wall decor, and a cube bathroom. The designers installed glass in the middle of the dividing wall to subtly separate the two areas. The bottom half of the glass is frosted for privacy, the upper half is transparent for daylighting.

Look at how dramatic the bedroom design featured below is. There are a half wall and a frosted glass separating the two areas.  

If you need to diffuse your interior lighting…

Apart from heightened privacy, translucent glazed walls diffuse the light beautifully. It gives the bathroom a peaceful, ethereal vibe.

Translucent or frosted glass comes in a wide variety of looks and finishes. We’re huge fans of the regular white ones because it’s flexible to use in a design.

If you want a seamless indoor-outdoor connection…

Glazed windows, walls, and doors enable the designers to create this bathroom that gives you a feeling of being outside. The warm sunlight, cool breeze, and fresh nature come into the room to bring the homeowners their well-deserved relaxation. The designers used timber and concrete to build most of the bath and these natural building materials completed the look of this oasis. 

If you want to connect two separate structures…

Several renovators use internal windows and walls to extend a space or to link two structures. Here, the designers used a transparent skylight that follows the shape of the inner walls to unify this extended kitchen.

If you need to borrow light from the next room…

There’s a skylight above the shower area and this glazed door that separates the wet and dry areas of the bathroom allows light to stream in. It instantly brightens this concrete bathroom during the day.

If you like to connect two or more complementing rooms…

In this mini library, internal windows and doors served as a divider for the homeowner to have a home office.

Here, a huge transparent glazed window divided this recreation zone. This keeps the gym visually connected to the half Olympic-sized pool next to it. The activities done in each area doesn’t compromise the space next to it, because it’s physically blocked and protected by the glass.

If you want to get rid of a huge wall…

Internal walls are a great and smart alternative to walls. Look at how this steel-framed glass wall with french doors links the bedroom with the rest of the apartment. It follows the shape of the slanted ceiling and that creates a statement.

The same idea applies to this loft. Instead of building a wall to secure the bedroom, the designers put up a transparent, steel-framed glass wall. It has fine lines and shapes which compliment the funky geometric art found on the wall. 

If you like a practical divider and decor…

While it’s nice to use transparent and obscure dividers, there’s no harm in choosing something decorative. There are glazed dividers with contemporary and sexy patterns on it. The idea is similar to using laser cut screens.

Take this kitchen design as an example. Imagine how the etched sliding glass doors can hide the contents of the kitchen from the dining area. When closed, the door’s abstract design makes it an attractive feature wall and background of the dining table. 

If you like a nice entrance to a new room…

Whether you’re opting for modern or traditional styled interiors, consider using internal windows and doors to make the next space more inviting. In this apartment, the designers used glazed walls and french doors that open towards the bed. It beckons you into the room. To maintain privacy, you can spread out the floor to ceiling drapes inside the bedroom. 

If you follow a certain interior design theme…

Your chosen divider must fit your style or the look you aim for. It must blend with the room and must not appear obtrusive. Otherwise, it’s just the same as building a wall.

If you want improved cross-ventilation…

Louvres allow wind to enter from one room to another. This is called cross ventilation and it’s vital in cooling your home. You can leave the louvres open and not worry about anyone falling through the window.

This design also creates the illusion of more space. The windows extend the room beyond its boundaries.  

If you need to create an airlock…

Some stair designs (especially the old ones) leave you with an awkward balustrade and you have to live and deal with it for a while. Most of you will cover it with plywood, but have you considered going for a glass wall instead?

Take a cue from the renovated space below. Notice how the frames made this stairwell hole more tolerable. It keeps you safe from falling down the stairwell. It also creates an airlock which prevents noise from travelling downstairs.

We hope you found a design that works for you. If you need help materializing this vision of yours, just leave us a message using the chat box right next to this article. Get a free quote when you inquire to Superdraft today.

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