Keep these 8 things in mind when designing your family bathroom

Most Australian homes only have one bathroom for everyone. Here are a few major design elements that your family bathroom must have.
family bathroom

Most Australian homes only have one bathroom for everyone. It's called a family bathroom. If you're planning to renovate yours for some time now, take time to read this blog. We listed all the must-have elements that will make your bathroom more ergonomic. Read and find out how to have a bathroom that works for you, toddlers, and the elderly members of your family.

1. Easy-access Storage

Everyone in your house uses this bathroom, so the storage must accommodate everyone, especially your kids. The challenge is to build a combination of easy access and out-of-reach storage solutions.

We recommend custom cabinetry and shelving. Here, the designers have easy-access drawers where kids can take out and store their bathroom essentials. There are higher-level cupboards here which are perfect for storing toiletries, medicines, and other stuff that needs to be out of children's reach.

2. Bath x Shower

When you have a large family bathroom, having a separate bathtub and shower area makes perfect sense. But, when there's no room for both, many homeowners dismiss the idea of having a tub in favour of a shower.

That is a great idea that always works. However, a bathtub is a great feature that makes a bathroom a haven of relaxation. Adults would love to soak their bodies in a warm bath once or twice a week. It is also easier to bathe toddlers inside a tub. The good news is, you can have a tub and a shower in your small bathroom. You can combine the two without compromising the style, as shown in this bathroom. Instead of a having regular-sized tub, invest in an Ofuro, a small deep soaking bathtub that originated from Japan. Homeowners rave this one. Teens love it too.

3. Centred taps

We highly recommend placing the tap and plug on the centre of the tub. It’s more ergonomic because it’s within reach.

4. Single lever taps

For safety reasons, we extremely recommend using taps with a single mixer design rather than separate hot and cold fittings. Mixer taps control the flow, mixing both hot and cold water when opened. Using this type of tap prevents kids from accidentally dispensing hot water and scalding themselves.

Lever taps like this are also more friendly to people with disability. People who can’t twist taps will find soft-touch taps easier to use. They can turn the water on and off with ease.

5. Low-maintenance cabinetry

The bathroom is a wet area. You need to exert effort to keep it clean and well-maintained.

The cabinetry is one of the features that’s prone to wear and tear because it’s made of wood. To extend the life of yours, we strongly recommend using medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cabinets with flat, handless fronts. MDF cabinets are resistant to the moisture of the bathroom. These are affordable too. 🙂

We do not discourage using cabinets made of solid wood and plywood in the bathroom. Sealed and painted Cabinets made of oak, maple wood, and plywood can survive inside the bathroom climate, as long as the bathroom is well-ventilated and humidity escapes. 

6. Wet room-friendly flooring

Your bathroom floors must be easy to clean, water-resistant, and non-slip. We highly suggest laying textured tiles in the bathroom. Textured tiles prevent accidents.

Vinyl flooring is a low-cost alternative. Invest in top of the line variants for it will last up to a decade.

7. Drying Rack

A drying rack is an essential part of the bathroom. Without it, you and your family have no place to hang wet towels to dry them. You will find wet towels on the counters – or worse, the floors.

There are a lot of models of drying rack available in the market today. Opt for space saving ones. We recommend wall-mounted drying racks, heated towel rails (when your budget allows it), or wall hooks.

8. Waterproof chair

It is a must-have, especially for parents with toddlers. You need a place to sit while your kids take a bath. It doesn't need to be fancy, tho we highly recommend a built-in bench inside the bathroom of your forever home.

9. Large-format tiles

For the bathroom, opt for easy to clean tiles on the walls and floors. Lay beautiful large-scale tiles with minimal joints, so there's less grout to clean.

Designing your family bathroom

Tell us, what features do you want in your family bathroom? What other design features could you not live without? Comment your thoughts and answers below! Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Sydney-based building designers.



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