Kitchen design trends 2021: What styles are homeowners embracing?

Here are the most popular products and design choices of homeowners who are renovating or building a new home this year.
kitchen design trends 2021
Credit: Meir Tapware / Photographer: Scott Burrows

Are you planning a kitchen renovation this year? Do you know what updates you want to make or are you still looking for inspiration? If you are wondering about the most popular kitchen upgrades, you’ve come to the right place. We've teamed up with Superdraft’s own expert building designers along with some of Australia’s leading product suppliers and design professionals to discuss the biggest kitchen design trends for 2021.

Kitchen design trends 2021

The Covid lockdowns forced many of us to spend more time at home than ever before. Our kitchens have had to work a lot harder. Apart from the daily cooking and meal preparation, it doubled as a place for entertaining, homeschooling, working, and reconnecting with loved ones. 

That being said, 2021 will be the year of well-designed, multipurpose kitchens with sanity-saving features and stunning aesthetics. Here are some of the design details that will be big this year as well:

Trending colour palettes, materials, and finishes

Dark and dramatic colours 

This is the year when homeowners will shift away from sterile all-white kitchens. Think of boldly painted cabinets in moody hues or in dark smoky timbers with brushed metal hardware.

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credit: Artistic Tile

Earthy accents

Nature-inspired design details will dominate kitchen designs. Think of wicker pendant lights, timber-looking surfaces, bamboo window blinds, natural stone tiles, and more.

Curious about this year's trending tiles? Check our blog about the best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021.

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credit: Jean Allsopp

If you prefer a warmer colour palette, hues such as terracotta, beige, and brown will help you create dramatic cabinets.

Fluted forms

This year, decorative materials such as fluted/ribbed/battened MDF will be a popular addition to minimal and Scandinavian style kitchens. 

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credits: www.scandinavianprofiles.com.au

Reeded, fluted, or grooved cabinet glass will also take off because unlike regular glass, this somehow conceals the contents of your cupboards. You can get away with the dust too!

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credit: Davonport Kitchens

Curved and round accents

Curved kitchen island corners, furniture pieces, light fixtures, and decor will be super popular this year. These look beautiful, sexy, and high-end.

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credits: Chad Dorsey Design / Stephen Karlisch Photographer

Trending kitchen tapware 

When it comes to tapware, stainless steel will still be the top choice of homeowners. It is safe, hygienic, and it can withstand years of use. Metal taps with aged finishes come in at a close second.

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credits: William Abranowicz

Last year, there was an increased interest in motion-sensor and hands-free tapware. Having touchless kitchen faucets will greatly improve sanitation and will help prevent the spread of a virus inside the house. 

Paring Finishes 

For those who love both stainless and aged finishes, the good news is that they can be combined. More people are opting for a mix of metals in their kitchens to add interest and character. 

kitchen design trends 2021
Image credit: William Abranowicz

Kitchen designs with staying power

The kitchen is always a prime investment for a homeowner. It’s okay to follow the design trends this year, but make sure the final look has a long-lasting appeal. Here are some practical kitchen upgrades to consider as well: 

  1. Durable, scratch-resistant sinks — ideally PVD coated stainless steel variants. 
  2. Seamless and streamlined cabinetry.
  3. Appliances that can be concealed or integrated with the cabinetry.
  4. Pull-out pantry.
  5. Corner cabinet storage.
  6. Pull-out trash bin.

We created a comprehensive report of the 2021 Home Design Trends. You can read a more detailed write up about this year’s kitchen trends there. To access the guide, simply create your Superdraft account and download for free.

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