#KitchenMakeover: Achieving the look fast and easy

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Are you planning to do a kitchen makeover and looking for something specific to complete the look, like a particular finish, cabinet hardware, a knob, perhaps? You may find a design exactly as you imagined, yet you’re unsure of the quality and durability? Here at Superdraft, we’ve done lots of kitchen makeover projects, and one thing’s certain — we sure picked the best suppliers to showcase how we get the job done!

In this article, read about how simple concepts turn into a perfect example of a #KitchenMakeover #LoveTheLook #OnlyHereAtAustralia!

Kitchen makeover #1: Hawthorne, Queensland

superdraft kitchen makeover at hawthorne

About the look

This kitchen renovation in Hawthorne defines what a total revamp looks. Its renovation set aside the paint, flooring, tables, chairs, benchtop, kitchen cabinets, and curtains to aim for a cleaner, more space-efficient kitchen. This transformation didn’t just improve the design and layout, but the use of variations of colour white made the space look bigger and broader. The blank areas of the old kitchen were optimised and converted to create cupboards, wall cabinets, and other storage spaces. The glossy taupe splashbacks added a variety to the makeover, too. 

The use of the colour white is consistent in this design, and don’t you just love the ocean foam quartz benchtop? The best thing about quartz is its durability and quality, which we can easily see in this design. Moreover, the colour selection isn’t limited to neutrals as you can choose from more than 40 colours available in the market. Quartz can survive the long wear and tear and withstand different weather conditions if used in an outdoor kitchen

For your benchtop, we have Caesarstone.

Finding the perfect material for your benchtop is a series of decisions you must make for your kitchen. Define first the style you want to do for your makeover. Of course, your style choice must be harmonious with the existing style of your house (that is if you’ll only be renovating the kitchen). If not, you can plan and experiment (the best part!).

Don’t worry; making mistakes in the planning process is unavoidable. Superdraft can match you to the perfect designers for your renovation, who will guide you through the what is and the what not. 

ocean foam quartz from caesarstone

Vintage, contemporary, modern look — you can’t go wrong with the versatility of Caesarstone. Whatever your peg is, whether you’re doing a classic luxurious Hamptons style kitchen or a traditional one, name it. Caesarstone manufactures premium quality quartz, which is rich in quality and design. They are timeless; scratch-, heat-and stain-resistant; environmentally friendly; and easy to clean.

Their designs are simple and seamless. Just perfect and suitable for your kitchen.

Superdraft tip: You can use edge profiles for your benchtop to add safety and reduce chipping risks.

Kitchen makeover #2: Currumbin, Queensland

superdraft kitchen makeover at currumbinAbout the look

From a pale yellow interior design, this residential kitchen in Currumbin transformed into a semi-glossy white kitchen with accents of wood and timber. The ski-leg dining table with a clear lacquer tabletop finish and timber floors topped the look.

However, the consistent use of white starting from the ceiling, chairs, benchtop, cupboards, wall and base cabinets may look boring — but do you notice what the white brick tiles did for the splashback? It covered the whole wall, added texture, and improved visual interest. #TheBestYet

Tiento for your tiles. 

See how a little detail improved the look of your kitchen? Tiles may be something you failed to consider in your kitchen makeover. You won’t have to worry; numerous brands are available online, with various designs and sizes for your kitchen. Tiento is our partner inspirer committed to offering renovations a vast selection of tiles. These porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles come from Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Japan.

partner inspirer tiento kitchen tiles

The 9mm thick tiles installed in the splashback are from Italy. They are under the Spatula Bianco collection of Tiento and are irregular and unique because of manual intervention. This colour is in matt Bianco, and there are other 13 matt, four gloss colours, and three metallic finishes available.

If you have doubts, reach out to our Project Coordinators at Superdraft. You won’t have to dwell on unreasonable consultation fees, as you can sign up at our project planning dashboard, book a consultation with our professionals, and get an instant free quote

Kitchen makeover #3: Pascoe Vale, Melbourne

superdraft kitchen makeover at pascoe vale

About the look

From a crowded and dark look caused by the old brick red wall, this kitchen makeover in Melbourne opted for a simple white and wood-accented kitchen. The kitchen layout was modified, which improved its functionality and space, enabling the design to employ smart kitchen storage solutions. The renovation installed cupboards while there’s a standalone on the side. Moreover, the tight cooking space became wider, making it more convenient and space-efficient for the homeowners.

Also, the kitchen space became lighter and more open, thanks to the skylights. The weathered blackbutt vinyl tiles also gave a nice touch to the look and kept it nice, simple, and comfortable.

Flooring? You have a lot of Choices.

One of the most critical elements in your space is the flooring. It’s a factor to consider whether you’re trying to fit in a fixture, furniture, or even a curtain since it covers the second largest space in your kitchen (after the wall). You have to consider your lifestyle and medical conditions when choosing your floor. If you have asthma, or allergic rhinitis, Choice Flooring can offer various products with anti-allergy properties like wood flooring and carpets.

choices flooring featuring vinyl tiles

The vinyl flooring in the photo above is in weathered blackbutt, and is under the Adobe Noble collection. The said collection has more than eight colours to choose from. It has waterproof, hard-wearing, and anti-slip qualities. If you’re building an eco-friendly home, start your kitchen with this type of flooring.

Superdraft tip: You can install vinyl over your existing tiles! (How cool is that?)

Kitchen makeovers with Superdraft

Are you still indecisive about what to do with your kitchen? Sign up for Superdraft, and we’ll make things easy for you! Once you’ve signed up, we can match you with the perfect professionals — draftsmen, building designers, etc. — for your kitchen renovation. You can even watch your project unfold through 3D visualisation experience.

Aren’t makeovers exciting?!

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