Kitchen Renovation Ideas that Make the Space Bigger and Better

Going for an all-white kitchen is only the beginning. It is also not the best thing you can do for your kitchen. These kitchen renovation ideas can make a small kitchen roomier.

Your kitchen is a big-ticket area in your home. It plays a part in boosting the property’s value. More importantly, it’s a place where you and your family can bond and create good memories. The role of the kitchen is vital, therefore, you have to make an effort to make it better. In this blog post, we’ll share several kitchen renovation ideas which do the trick. Continue reading to know how to get that extra space and personality that your kitchen needs:

1. Customise the depth of your lower kitchen cabinets

The standard depth of your lower kitchen cabinets is 600mm. but, you don’t need to stick with those measurements. Trim it down to a 300mm to 450mm size, similar to most upper cabinets. This hack saves floor space, which is a huge deal in renovating small kitchen spaces. Reducing the storage also helps in organisation—you’re not going to clutter the back of your cabinets. You’re not gonna have a hard time cleaning your space because there are no more hard to reach areas.

2. Hide your hardware

If you want to make your tiny kitchen space look bigger and better, you have to keep the clutter away. Clutter is not always trash. Sometimes these are your misplaced kitchen gadgets on the counter. Best if you find a place for them inside your cabinets so it’s hidden when not in use.

You might also want to streamline your kitchen cabinets. Celebrate smooth, clean lines, and matching surfaces. Avoid frills as these can get messy and fussy in time.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

3. Think twice about the double sink

Double sinks are functional, but if you only have a tiny space, it’s time to rethink if this luxury is worth it. Instead of another sink, it might be useful to have more bench or storage space. Explore all the possibilities for that space. Work closely with your designer so he or she knows what to prioritise.

4. Go for a compact dishwasher

If you’ve been to the appliance store lately, you’ll notice the growing popularity of 450mm. compact dishwashers. Traditional ones are 600mm deep, the same size as the standard lower cabinets. If you’re downsizing your cabinets, downsize the appliances that go with it too.

5. Go for a thinner fridge

Large refrigerators are attractive but it’s inefficient if it’s half empty. Trade the thick fridge with something a little thinner especially if you’re not always buying and cooking fresh products.

Downsizing the fridge and the dishwasher for huge families might not be ideal. It’s best to fit the traditional-sized appliances in your cabinetry and conceal it with a door front. You’ll love the fluid look afterwards!  

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

6. Use a mirror splashback

Sometimes, a little mirror magic makes a huge difference. Using a mirror as your kitchen splashback creates an illusion of a roomier benchtop. However, you need to exert more effort to keep this kitchen mirror clean. Always remove grease and unwanted food stain during clean-up.

7. Replace upper cabinets with open shelves

It’s not always a choice for many homeowners, but this move can give your kitchen space additional room to breathe. Eliminating the chunky upper cabinets and replacing it with open shelves will make space airier. Having open shelves put you in control of the stuff you store in your kitchen. You’ll get better-looking storage for kitchen essentials.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Can’t let go of your cabinets but want the same effect? Remove the cabinet doors. The best part? You can reattach the doors anytime you want.

8. Or… go for glass doors

Another thing that you can do is to replace your solid cabinet fronts with doors with glass inserts. The glass can be transparent, frosted, or with attractive designs.

9. Use under cabinet lighting

Good lighting is a must in the kitchen. One cannot rely on one light fixture in the middle of the room. Some spaces, such as the counters under the upper cabinets receive less illumination. Add lighting under the cabinets to make these spaces a lot better. You can also install lighting above and inside the kitchen cabinets.

10. Hide your range hoods

Hidden range hoods play a part in a streamlined kitchen design. The partial cabinet will hide all the ductwork which initially broke the cabinetry. The results? A seamless set of kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Make these kitchen renovation ideas happen

If you think the clever design ideas mentioned above can work for you, save it. Use it as inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovation. Need help from our world-class designers? Send us a message using our live chat feature.


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