6 show stopping kitchen renovation ideas to steal

Give your kitchen a “facelift” and use some of these awesome kitchen renovation ideas to level up your renovation project.
industrial-style indoor-outdoor kitchen with bar

Starting a kitchen renovation project from scratch can be a daunting task. You want to be sure the kitchen design is stunning and functional, fits your style, and is within budget. Above all, your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you want everything to be perfect. The kitchen is the centre of your family's day-to-day living, where you can socialise while enjoying a hearty meal. It is the area of the home that's not only filled with recipes but also with different stories.

To help you narrow down your kitchen renovation design ideas, we've put together six showstopping kitchen designs that are as functional as they are stunning. Read on and see which one becomes your favourite inspiration!

The indoor-outdoor kitchen

indoor-outdoor kitchen design
image credit: Alspec

An indoor-outdoor hybrid kitchen has lots of benefits. Of course, it provides a massive entertaining space if you're hosting family get-togethers. You also don't need to have a dedicated out-of-doors kitchen to feel that you're cooking outdoors. For a relatively small cost, you can use clever arrangements of doors, windows, and other design elements to connect your indoor kitchen to your outdoor space.

To bring the best of both worlds together, you can open doorways using a stacking-sliding bifold, or simple sliding doors such as the one pictured by Alspec. Notice how this kitchen has continued the same flooring from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor space to have a seamless look. However, it utilises the anti-slip version for the outdoor flooring. The interior beams have been extended to the outdoor area to create that seamless connection as well. To boot, the kitchen cabinetry is in a similar timber finish to the exterior cladding to make the areas appear as if they are extensions of each other.

For other indoor-outdoor kitchen hybrid ideas, you can add a benchtop outside at the window sill that will act as a bar to connect the spaces. Along with the outdoor benchtop, you can incorporate seating so guests outside can socialize with you as you cook. This counter can likewise function as a buffet where you can serve food directly from indoors.

The seamless integrated kitchen

The primary advantage of a kitchen with integrated appliances is that it provides a seamless design. Since the appliances and other items are housed behind identical kitchen cupboard doors, there won't be a visual break in the kitchen design. This makes everything look clean, consistent, and easy on the eye. Additionally, your kitchen will appear  more spacious than usual because of the continuing joinery from wall to wall. This design strategy also allows for a more hygienic environment. Your kitchen is much easier to clean because there are no nooks or gaps between units and appliances where dirt and food can reside. 

Notice the minimalist look on this contemporary kitchen pictured below. The seamless integration design is so clean and almost makes you feel as if you're in an art gallery, staring into a series of blank white canvases. The sleek black quartz surface from Caesarstone beautifully complements the low-key yet elegant overall kitchen design.

modern kitchen with seamlessly integrated appliances
image credit: Caesarstone

Double (or triple) kitchen islands

Having two or even three kitchen islands provide different spaces for varied purposes. You can use them for cooking and meal preparation, storage, and seating or as a serving buffet. If you have an in-house chef working for you, this setup is ideal as the chef will have ample space to work. 

If you want an unbroken design element, make the surfaces identical, just like these curved island benches pictured below from Caesarstone. It creates a minimalist look and makes the space appear extra spacious because the same colours or palettes create a more streamlined look. You can also change the design and colour of each island to perceive the purpose of each benchtop easily.

kitchen with double kitchen islands
image credit: Caesarstone

Integrated kitchen dining area

If you want a less formal look for your kitchen, an integrated kitchen dining area is perfect for you. Combining the cooking and dining area looks more casual than having a separate dining space where you will sit in line away from the kitchen itself.  

The integration also makes the kitchen look more compressed. If you have a small family, you should consider this design. You don't want your kitchen to look empty and less homey with too much space here and there, so an integrated kitchen dining area can act to fill any void areas.

Another advantage is that an integrated kitchen dining area is relatively easy to make. You can simply add a dining table set that will compliment your kitchen design, or you can have one made as part of the kitchen island joinery. The former provides the flexibility to move your dining table when needed, the latter option will make the dining area feel more connected to the kitchen and streamline the design. 

Add personality to your kitchen design by creating a contrast between the dining table and the island, just like the one pictured below from Polytec. The formal white quartz benchtops combined with the dark timber cupboards and table set give the space a modern yet warm vibe.

image credit: Polytec

Curves in the kitchen

Curves and arches are very popular as they bring softness to a space and make it feel homey. Since the kitchen is essentially one of the most used areas of your home, you may not want it to look too rigid and commercial-like.

Curvy design elements create a sense of calm. Plus, with curves there’s no sharp corners for kiddies to bang into. They are also ideal for people with disabilities.

image credit: Beacon Lighting


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