Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021

Here are some of the trending kitchen tile designs and splashback ideas this year
kitchen tiles
Image credits: Farrow & Ball

In 2021, designers and homeowners will not shy away from showcasing bold and dramatic looks, especially in the kitchen. Tiles laid in a stunning pattern and luxurious splashbacks will be popping up everywhere! Here are some of the trending kitchen tiles and splashback ideas this year: 

Ceiling-height tiles

Kitchen tiles laid from the top of the benchtop up to the ceiling will be in this year. Use tiles to enhance the look of your walls, especially when you plan to take down the upper cabinets to open up the kitchen. 

Simple and basic tile designs are the best choice for this application. White square tiles with grey grout lines is a classic choice. You’ve gotta love the clean sweeping lines that it creates, without overpowering the floor design.

Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Image credit: Wren

Ceiling-height tiles can be used to make a bold statement as well. Choose a tile design, shape, and colour that makes you feel happy and excited. If you're not afraid to go bold — try something similar to these turquoise mermaid tiles. Use the tiles to express yourself and inject your personality into your kitchen design.

Pro design tip: when choosing a powerful splashback tile, keep the cabinetry and hardware really simple to allow the splashback to become the focal point and not compete with the other elements. 

Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Image credit: Gina Sims Kitchen blog

Pro reno tip: Laying ceiling height kitchen tiles can get costly, but you can cut costs when you opt for affordable but high-quality products. 

Splashback slabs

Using slabs instead of individual tiles as splashback will become more popular this year as well. As you can imagine, you only need one large slab to cover the entire splashback area. The design is continuous because there is very little to no breaks and grout lines. 

This is perfect when you want to use natural stone tiles design on your splashback. Take a look at the difference between using tiles and slab. Both materials have marble designs but the splashback slab offers a cleaner aesthetic, and very little to no grout lines that disrupt the beautiful veining of marble. Kitchens with splashback slabs are also easier to clean and maintain, and create a gorgeous seamless finish.

Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Image credit: Italmarble
Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Image credit: tracy lynn studio

Pro tip: Installing natural stones slabs can be expensive, but you can still get the look using Quartz benchtops advertised as marble alternatives. 

Textured tile splashback

For a more striking aesthetic, choose textured tile varieties. These can truly enhance the kitchen in ways that basic, flat, and smooth tiles never could. 

Take a good look at this kitchen which makes use of textured tiles that give the look and feel of natural stone without being overwhelming. These tiles are not smooth to touch, but these effortlessly add dimension and create a renewed interest in space.

Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Image credit: G.E.M.I.N.I Tiles

Waterfall island

Lastly, homeowners will get hyped with waterfall benchtops made from statement stone slabs. This elegant design statement turns the island into a centrepiece where everybody congregates. It also seamlessly integrates the kitchen and dining area, which is both practical and space-saving.

Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 20210
Image credit: Davide Lovatti

Tips for buying kitchen tiles and splashback

Now that you have an idea of what’s trending, you are ready to go shopping. Remember the following expert tips when choosing tiles and slabs for your new kitchen:

  1. Always purchase a tile, slab, or splashback material that matches the overall style of your kitchen.  Ask your designer for suggestions. You can buy the exact tile or look for an alternative. Work with what you’ve got. 
  2. Feel free to mix and match smooth, rough, hard, and soft finishes. Create a stunning contrast between design elements. 
  3. Always go for the practical and aesthetically pleasing option. There is no need to sacrifice one over the other. There are many tile designs available and your options are endless. You will find the right tile for you with the help of a little research as well.
Best kitchen tiles and splashback ideas for 2021
Image credit: Ledbury Studio

Speaking of research, we created a comprehensive report about the 2021 Home Design Trends. You can read a more detailed write up about this year’s kitchen tile and splashback trends there. To access the guide, simply create your Superdraft account and download for free.

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