7 reasons you may need a land surveyor for your project

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land survey

The amount of work that needs to be done prior to the  design and build of a new home is often underestimated. Obtaining a land survey is one important part of the process  that you should consider before finalising the design and the working drawings for your project. We previously discussed what land surveying is; this time, let’s look into the instances when you may need one and what a land surveyor can do for you. 

Reasons to get a land survey

If any of these circumstances apply to you, then you need to engage a land surveyor and do a land survey:

1. You plan to purchase a parcel of land to develop or a house and lot to renovate

If you’re buying a land property with the intention of developing or significantly renovating the existing house on it, getting a land survey prior to your renovation or development project must be on top of your list. A land surveyor’s work is crucial to the next phases of the building process; it is crucial for the design and construction professionals to know the dimensions and topography of the site to ensure your project is feasible, suitable for the location, and compliant to the building codes.

Land surveyor

2. You need guidance on developing your land

A land surveyor informs you about the various planning overlays that restrict or control the structures to be built on your land property. They also inform you about any interests attached to your land property (and the status of that matter). Knowing these pieces of information enables you to make smart decisions on how you will develop and use your land.

You too can find useful information on your local zoning laws when you go to your local council’s website. There are various planning overlays (i.e. bushfire, heritage, vegetation protection, significant landscape, environmental significance, design and development, erosion management, flooring overlay, and special building overlay, parking, development contributions plan, and public acquisition). Contact your local council to confirm whether your land is within these zones.

LAND SURVEYOR land survey

3. You are subdividing the land

A land surveyor can help you if you are seeking to subdivide land. A land survey will set the perimeters and boundaries of the parcels of land, and you need to lodge these subdivision plans to the state government to finalise and legalise the process. 

4. You are planning to sell 

If you are keen on selling the subdivided land, you need to furnish the buyer with a copy of the land survey report and the subdivision plan. These documents inform the buyer about the true boundaries of their property. These are also needed to facilitate the transfer of property under their name.

Land surveyor

5. You are planning to extend the house towards the boundary, or develop a structure near the property’s boundary line

You need the help of a land surveyor to ensure the new structure sits on site without breaking any planning codes. A land survey clearly delineates setbacks, or the ideal distance between the wall and the property’s boundary line.

6. You need to erect a fence around your property

You need to make sure that the boundaries are where you think they are before erecting a fence around your property. 

In some situations, an old house’s existing fence lines are not on the exact location of the property boundaries. To prove this and avoid disputes with your neighbour, you need to  carry out a title re-establishment survey. After the survey, you are more informed about your property’s true boundaries, and only then can you erect a new fence or proceed with proposed works near the boundary.

7. You have a boundary dispute with a neighbour

If this is the case, you need a licensed land surveyor in your state to define the true boundaries and provide a certified report about it, then present this legal document to your neighbour to resolve the dispute. 

The surveys prepared by non-licensed surveyors might not have legal standing and might not be recognised as evidence in the event of a boundary dispute.

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land surveyor land survey

Do I need a land surveyor when selling or buying a house and lot?

There is no legal obligation to conduct a land survey done prior to selling and buying a land property, but it’s a good idea to have it early. It’s smart to know the precise measurements of the land you’re buying or selling to truly determine its value. In addition, land survey reports are essential in the near future when you plan to do any construction and you plan to secure financing for your project.

Do I need a land surveyor when building or renovating a house?

Absolutely. Working with the right set of data from the onset is important as it allows design and construction professionals to work with precision and to help you plan your project, making the process more efficient and minimising costly delays. 

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