Landscape architecture: why you need to hire a landscape architect during home renovation

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No matter how beautiful your house is, it will lose its lustre if its surroundings look bleak. Imagine looking at a beautiful palace in the middle of a barren and miserable landscape. The palace looks fantastic, but you can’t help but get drawn to the flaws surrounding it. This underscores the importance of landscaping and why homeowners should exert considerable effort in making sure that their yards and gardens look as wonderful as their houses. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about landscape architecture and how it can transform the way your house looks. 

What is landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture is the process of planning, designing, creating, and managing built and natural environments. It involves the cultivation and decorative planting of gardens, parks, yards, golf courses, playgrounds, arboretums, and other outdoor spaces. Many confuse landscape architecture with gardening, but it is more complex and involves more elements.  

What is an example of landscape architecture?

The Australian Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens is a prime example of landscape architecture. This botanical garden is home to more than 170,000 plants occupying 25 hectares. It has 15 individually themed landscape areas that combine ecology, art, horticulture and architecture. 

In addition to the numerous Australian native flora, there are water elements like rockpool escarpments, river bends, and Melaleuca spits. There are also exhibition gardens, display landscapes and sculptures.

What are the benefits of landscape architecture?

It enhances your property’s aesthetics.

Enhancing one’s yard or garden looks is the most common reason for hiring a landscape architect. Although homeowners can design their gardens themselves, enlisting the help of a professional landscaper can help homeowners achieve better results. 

A professionally designed garden looks more orderly and aesthetically pleasing. An expert landscape designer can include elements that homeowners might not consider to create a unique garden. 

It’s great for the environment.

Having a properly designed garden can be great for the environment and contribute to preserving the ecosystem. Filling your garden with plans can prevent soil from degrading, and the roots of plants can soak up excess water, especially if you live in an area that experiences floods. Plants can help prevent soil erosion by maintaining soil integrity and preventing them from getting washed out during floods. 

A healthy garden also attracts birds and bees and provides them with the necessary nourishment. Keeping the local bee population healthy can help keep the local flora healthier because bees are critical agents of pollination.  

Can increase your property’s value

A beautiful garden is a huge draw to prospective buyers should you decide to sell your house. Remember that first impression lasts, and your garden is one of the first things buyers will see when they put in your property. A sad-looking and neglected garden can disappoint buyers and reduce the likelihood of their interest in your property. 

It can help you save money

A properly landscaped garden can help you save money by reducing utility expenses. Having more greens in your garden can help cool down the surroundings, so you won’t need to rely too much on your HVAC system.

If you love gardening, a landscaped garden uses less water than a poorly-planned garden. Your landscape architect can plan the placement of plants to maximize the use of your sprinkler system and reduce water wastage so you can save money.

Can make your family healthier

As mentioned earlier, a blooming garden can improve air quality in your property and help make your family healthier. An amazing garden also gives your family a great outdoor space to spend time on. Your family can tend the garden together as a form of exercise and bonding activity. A beautiful garden also creates a great environment where your family can exercise together to stay fit. 

Aside from flowering plants, you can plant herbs and vegetables in your garden. You can harvest vegetables from your garden and use them for cooking delicious and healthy meals for your family. 

It can help enhance security

A landscape architect can design your property to make it safer for your family. For example, if your house is on steep terrain or an incline, a landscape architect can include a retaining wall to protect your property. If you live in an area that frequently experiences flooding, your landscape architect can design your property to incorporate an efficient drainage system to prevent the accumulation of floodwater which can damage your property. 

Can make your outdoor spaces more functional

Having a landscaped garden or yard gives your family a more functional outdoor living space. You can use your landscaped garden for hosting barbeques or intimate parties. This can help save money because there’s no need to rent venues for small parties. You can also build a small dining area for afternoon teas or breakfasts in your yard or garden. 

In landscaping your garden, you can set aside an area your family can use for bonding activities. You can set up a small table where your children can study or finish their homework. You can also play board games or practice arts and crafts to spend quality time with your family. 

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Landscaping ideas you can explore

Add a water feature.

Adding a water feature during home renovation can give your garden a more balanced look because it symbolizes a harmonious relationship between earth and water elements. The sound of running water has a soothing effect and is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind after a tiring day. 

You can add a water fountain as a focal point in your garden. Another idea is to construct an outdoor fishpond in your garden. If you have the budget and enough space, you can discuss with your building designer the possibility of adding a pool where your family can relax during hot summer days. 

Create interesting pathways

Garden pathways often get neglected because they seem too inconsequential, but they play a huge role in a garden. Pathways allow you to roam around your garden without getting your footwear dirty. It also acts as a guide to prevent your plants from getting trampled. 

Instead of the usual plain concrete pathway, you can explore unique pathway design ideas to make your garden unique. You can use granite slabs or bricks for your pathways. Instead of a dull straight pathway, create a meandering pathway to add a quirky touch to your garden.  

Turn your garden into a multi-purpose outdoor space.

To make the most out of your garden, create a multi-purpose outdoor space your family can use. You can add a pergola or a gazebo where you can relax with your family. Add a hammock to relax with your favourite hardcover, take an afternoon nap, or play with your little one. 

Landscaped driveways

The driveway is an area that people often forget when landscaping, but it is part of your landscape and deserves serious attention. A paved driveway is pleasing to look at and can add to the appeal of your property. It can also make your driveway safer because a paved driveway is smoother to drive on, which makes driving in and out of your property safer. 

Why hire a landscape architect during home renovations?

Hiring a landscape architect during a home renovation is investing in your property because the architect can help you create the best landscape you can get out of your property. A landscape architect has the proper training to assess your property and develop a plan that makes the best out of your property. The landscape architecture expert can also anticipate issues before they arise and plan contingencies to avoid delays. 

A landscape architect is also knowledgeable about the different materials, styles, colours, and textures, so the architect can help you choose which ones to use. This can help you save money because it reduces the likelihood of using incorrect materials and having to buy replacements. 

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What makes a great landscape architect

A landscape architect can do wonders in making your property look fantastic. However, working with the incorrect landscape architect can also lead to disastrous results. The ideal landscape architect should have a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree and relevant professional experience. The architect should also be a member of an accredited organization like the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. 

Conclusion: Use Superdraft to manage your projects

Landscape architecture can transform not just the way your property looks but the way your family lives. It can improve the air quality of your surroundings and help your family become healthier. A landscape architect can also make sure you make the most out of your garden by transforming it into a multi-functional outdoor space.

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