Top 5 compact laundry renovations if you have a small space

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As much as we want to have a large area for everything in our homes, there are instances when we must make do with limited space. When space is limited, we sacrifice some areas to ensure a large enough living room, kitchen, or bedroom. One area that often takes a hit when saving space is the laundry room. Having limited space in your laundry room is not too bad if you have an efficient design. This article will show you some fantastic laundry renovations you can explore to maximise your laundry room space.

Maximise your storage spaces

One of the most common problems with small laundry rooms is the limited storage space they offer, but you can do things to utilise every inch of storage space you have with some simple laundry renovations.  

Bulky cabinets are out of the question in small laundry rooms, so utilise your walls by installing some vertical shelves for your next home renovation project. Open hanging shelves are excellent if you have limited space because they don’t hog too much space. They don’t have doors, so you can easily store large items and see what’s stored on the back, If you need more space, installing a sliding organiser is another idea you can explore. Sliding organisers are tucked into the walls when not in use so they are excellent space savers. You can also ask your building designer to include pull-out hampers in the design of your laundry room if you want to save space.

white laundry area
image: californiaclosets.com

Pull-down everything

Pull-down appliances and furniture are excellent choices if you want to save space while ensuring that you have everything you need in your laundry room.  

If you do your ironing in your laundry room, you know how much space an ironing board takes up, which makes a pull-down ironing board an excellent space-saver. A pull-down board takes up very little space, and you don’t have to worry about where to store it after each use. A slide-out ironing board is a fantastic alternative if you don’t like the idea of a pull-down board. You can install your slide-out board under a countertop, so it’s out of sight and out of the way when not in use. 

Another pull-down option for laundry renovations is installing a pull-down folding table. If you have limited space in your laundry room, a bulky folding table will take up too much space and may make moving around the laundry room difficult. You can also install pull-down drying racks that use less space than fold-out ones. 

Drying rack ideas

Another essential item that takes up space in a laundry room is the drying rack, and you can use these space-saving ideas on your laundry renovations to ensure you have functional drying racks that won’t take up space. 

An accordion-style drying rack is an option you can explore during laundry room renovation. You can expand this type of drying rack when you need it and keep it compact when not in use. You can install drying racks on your ceiling to ensure that you leave floor space for heavy appliances or give you room to move around. 

You can also ask your designer to include pull-out drying racks in your cabinet or under your countertop in the design of the space. This is an excellent option to go with your pull-out ironing board since they both use the same principle.

laundry room with pull-out drying rack
image: decorpad.com

Space-saving doors

A door can help keep your laundry area away from the eyes of visitors, but doors can take up too much space. Instead of installing swing-out doors that use floor space, you can ask your contractor to install a sliding door for you because it uses less space. Another chic idea is to repurpose barn doors since they take up little space like sliding doors.

Cabinet doors that swing out also take up space, so you can also try replacing them to maximise space. Ask your contractor to replace cabinet doors with pull-down or roll-down doors that can help save space. 

Space-saving designs

You can also take advantage of renovation ideas that can make your laundry room look roomier than it is, like using white as your laundry room colour scheme. White gives an illusion of space, so repainting your laundry room in white can make it look roomier.  

You can also install large windows to let in more light and give an illusion of space. Letting in more natural light can also help you dry your clothes faster and can help improve air ventilation in your laundry room. If you don’t have space for a big window, another option is to install a skylight. A skylight can also allow natural light and improve ventilation, just like a window. 

laundry room with huge window
image: stephensonwright.com


Limited space is not enough reason to content yourself with a small and cramped laundry room. With the help of the ideas above, laundry renovations can help you have a functional laundry room despite limited space. For more fantastic home renovation ideas, be sure to follow our Trends and Inspiration Gallery page so you can make your home the best it can be.

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