How lockdown helped us determine what we want from our home

Curious about what other home owners are renovating? 
How the lockdown made us reassess what we want from our homes home office ideas

Most of our clients are spending a lot more time indoors than they used to. It seems like lockdown around the country has played a huge part in our clients reassessing what they want in their homes.

Are you curious to find out what other homeowners want to renovate? Here are the most common projects we’re helping with.

Large, airy, and well-lit living areas

Dream of having large, airy and well-lit living space? One great way to achieve this is to build a void similar to this:

How the lockdown made us reassess what we want from our homes

A design like this lets natural light into your home and opens up the living room, creating the illusion of more space without expanding the floorspace. A dramatic void like this also highlights the living room, turning it into a sanctuary where you can sit back and relax after a hard day’s work.

Separate study and work zones

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lifestyle of many people. Employees are working from home and students are taking online classes.

Because of the increasing number of people working and studying from home, many of our clients are talking to us about building a separate dedicated study and home office.

It is not enough to squeeze a workspace in the bedroom or living area anymore. There is a definite preference to separate study and work zones from the liveable areas to avoid distractions. Separating the spaces also means you can go back to your bedroom or living space and leave the ‘work’ station behind to relax.

Those working in corporate roles especially need privacy and to ensure children at home don’t pop up in the background of video calls.

Study nooks

A lot of our recent clients, especially those who are short on space, are asking for small nooks in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms so they have a place to do life’s admin tasks such as paying bills and budgeting.


These nooks also allow young children to do educational play as their parents watch over them.

Dual or multipurpose rooms

A recent client asked us for a spacious area where they could do home workouts and if possible, they wanted the same area to function as an informal lounge where they could watch movies with their kids. What they wanted was a dual or multipurpose room. This is just one way to make the most out of the space they had and to make sure their home caters to their different needs.

Creative outdoor spaces

We’ve also noticed that a lot of our clients are preferring to build double-storey homes to maximise their garden space. They want more lawn area and they want designers who can help them get creative with the space available.

If you are in need of a professional who can be by your side from planning to construction, Superdraft is here for you.

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