Check out how lovely this modern monochrome bathroom is

Black and white plus grey never looked this good.
Check Out How Lovely This Modern Monochrome Bathroom is

Designing a modern monochrome bathroom is one of our all-time favourite projects. A lot of Aussie homeowners love this style because it never looks outdated.

In this blog, we’ll show you a monochrome bathroom design with a neutral colour palette. We’ll discuss every design element thoroughly, so you know how to recreate this look on your next bathroom renovation.

There's a balance between dark and light colours

Black, grey, and white are colours that always look good together. These three colours create a balanced look, as seen in this bathroom.

monochromatic bathroom

Materials used: 

  • Black tapware
  • Black fixtures & fittings
  • White and grey tiles
  • Black decor

Using a dark colour like black against light colours adds focal point in this bathroom. It catches the eye and sharpens the decorating scheme. It is bold and adds sophistication to the bathroom.

The design is simple but never boring

This modern monochrome bathroom proves that minimalism isn’t plain and boring. The design is simple and straightforward. There are no unnecessary decorations.

The combination of colours and the patterns formed by tiles on the wall adds interest to the overall design. READ: Get rid of items that waste precious space in your small bathroom

Laying tiles is an art

There are a lot of tile shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes available in the market today. Here, the designers used a combination of rhombus-shaped tiles to create shapes like hexagons and x’s. They used tiles with different textures as well. Just look at how beautiful it is when up close!

modern monochrome bathroom

The artistic splashback design is repeated in the shower area:

monochromatic bathroom

It makes use of a glass shower divider

It is very important to separate the shower from the vanity in a small bathroom. Here, the designers used a glass divider. It keeps the bathroom bright, despite the lack of windows. The transparent glass keeps the shower from feeling small and confined.

There are two sinks, which is practical

A his-and-her vanity provides ample space for partners to prepare in the morning or before a night out. It makes life easier.

READ: Pedestal or Cabinet Sink? Which is best for your bathroom?

How to achieve a modern monochrome bathroom that looks as good as this

The best way is to work with a good designer. Their job is to make your vision happen, no matter how hard it is. Also, the bathroom is a critical space to design. There are a lot of things to consider. It’s best to leave these things to the professionals… and everything will turn out fine. READ: 6 bathroom renovation tips from the pros

Work with bathroom designers from Melbourne.

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