A luxurious and modern bathroom design for your home

Take a look at this modern bathroom design and see which features you find adorable. If you like this design, contact Superdraft for a quote.
What are the average room sizes inside Australian homes Luxurious and well-lit modern bathroom design we wish we had right now

Your bathroom needs to be a place to escape to at the end of a long day, allowing you to relax and collect your thoughts in peace. Here, we feature a modern bathroom design with a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Some snapshots of the bathroom to inspire you:

Luxurious and well-lit modern bathroom design we wish we had right now Luxurious and well-lit modern bathroom design we wish we had right now Luxurious and well-lit modern bathroom design we wish we had right now Luxurious and well-lit modern bathroom design we wish we had right now

Why we love this design

The designers here have handpicked the pieces to create a relaxing atmosphere.

When designing a tranquil bathroom, you want to use simple fittings. Opt for round, oval, and soft-edged accessories to achieve a serene environment effortlessly. Here, the designers have installed an oval freestanding tub and paired it with sinks and two round-edged mirrors at the vanity area. 

The colours set the mood.

Go for neutral shades to avoid harshness. Whites, creams, greys and soft browns are all ideal options. Here, the designers used light grey terrazzo tiles on the floor and textured white ceramic tiles on the walls. 

You can use tiles or paint on the walls of your bathroom as both deliver stunning looks when done correctly.  

If you want to add a new element and colour into the palette, choose one thing that won’t dominate the room. Here, the designer has used a timber vanity cabinet. By following a more minimalist approach, it’s possible to achieve tranquillity. 

The designers planned the space well and used the area wisely.

As you can see, this modern bathroom has a separate shower from the freestanding spacious bathtub. You have an option every day to take a quick shower or relax in the tub – whatever suits your mood. 

Storage is another crucial part of the space. Having unnecessary clutter or mess scattered throughout the room can increase your stress levels. Keep all your bathroom essentials stored neatly inside drawers and cabinets, easily accessible. The vanity unit is the perfect place to store your items. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Also, keep everything to a minimum. Put a couple of towels out at a time and empty all garbage bins and laundry baskets regularly. 

There are luxurious features in this bath.

Finish the look with homely and comforting features. Consider putting out scented candles, fragrance diffusers, scented soap and shampoos or a small basket of bath bombs – these all add a touch of luxury to the experience. Use these as bathroom decor and treat yourself once in a while. 

For best results, invest in a luxurious freestanding bath, proper lighting, and an exquisite shower.

Do you like this modern bathroom design?

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