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According to Westpac’s recent Housing Pulse report (May 2021), around 300,000 Australians relocated to rural areas in 2020. This year, many property experts are expecting more people to follow, resulting in a post-pandemic population boom in rural communities. These people are buying bigger lots and building bigger houses. Think of acreage homes with four or more bedrooms, massive indoor outdoor areas, and an open plan family room. 

With that in mind, let’s look into designing sprawling ranch houses and acreage homes that suit larger plots of land. Let’s discuss the characteristics of these homes, the ideal layouts, the advantages of living in one, and why this is the best time to build and live in these massive houses in rural communities.

What are acreage homes?

As the name suggests, these homes are built on private land that is one acre or bigger. It is your own country estate where you can enjoy a more secluded lifestyle.

To give you a perspective of how huge an acreage property is, here is a photo showing a home in a 350sqm block of land (average) vs a home in a four-acre block.

acreage home building designer

Owning a land this big, many Australian families opt to build three to four or more houses within the property. With two or more households, this is called an acreage community.

Characteristics and layout of acreage homes

With more land to spare, building a home with more than 200sqm of livable space wouldn’t be an issue. Acreage homes are huge so you have more space for the people who matter most to you, without sacrificing space for oneself. It is a family-friendly home design with lots of potential for growth and expansion. There is endless opportunity for interior design and landscaping. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about noisy neighbours!

acreage home building designer

If you are planning to design and build an acreage home for your family, it would be nice to have these features: 

  • A gated entrance
  • A large verandah or porch
  • A large and lush yard
  • A kitchen fit for entertaining
  • Island benchtops wide enough for food preparation and for sharing a meal
  • Spacious open plan, large kitchens, and dining areas where families can spend quality time together
  • Additional functional space like a scullery or a walk-in butler’s pantry
  • A dedicated study nook and home office
  • A spacious area for play and exercise
  • Large alfresco area to connect outdoor and indoor living spaces
  • An ergonomic laundry room and mud room
  • Timber flooring or any timber-look flooring design
  • Luxurious facade made from natural, earthy textures like timber and stone
  • Panelled walls and sliding barn doors for the homestead or farmhouse vibe
Always remember that acreage homes maximize the availability of the surrounding land and the beautiful views from the rural block. 
acreage home building designer

Why move to rural locations?

Moving to rural locations is much more feasible now than ever before. For one, there are huge workplace changes post-COVID. The shift towards remote working setups enable many Australians to work from home, even if home is miles away from the cities. The long commute is not a disadvantage anymore. 

Moving to rural areas, more Australian families can afford to design and build their dream homes right now. Investing in acreage homes right now is more affordable when compared to investing in real estate near central business districts, the properties which will skyrocket in price post-COVID.

acreage home building designer

Above all, acreage living in beautiful rural communities is a lifestyle that you would find pleasurable. Imagine your mornings spent on your porch, basking in the sunshine with a coffee in hand whilst admiring the postcard views surrounding you. Think about living in a home surrounded by native flora. Picture living in a home with a lot of space to move and do things; finally, there’s room to take up hobbies that weren’t possible if you are living in the city. Yes, life would be simpler and you will start over, but nothing would compare to the freedom and flexibility that acreage living offers. 

acreage home building designer

Where to build acreage homes

There is a wave of local and international interest in wine regions, rural estates, farms, and beaches. These are called ‘lifestyle locations’ ⸺ the homeowners’ most sought after land to buy since the pandemic started.

When scouting for a rural location to buy in, you need to conduct thorough research and ask the right questions. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Mandated land use by the local council and state government agencies such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority)
  • Bushfire threats or the area’s bushfire rating zone
  • Flood threats, or any danger caused by natural disasters
  • Native titles or any current native title claim on the land
  • Access and availability of water
  • Legal access to the property (e.g. private roads, driveways)
  • Chemical residues on the soil, if there’s any
  • Plant and livestock diseases, if there’s any 
  • Noxious plants and animals, if there’s any
  • Taxes and other taxation issues
acreage home building designer

It is very important to obtain a land survey of the rural property before commencing any work. Surveying plays an extremely important role in the construction of acreage homes and acreage communities. 

A land survey will show you the exact dimensions and the boundaries of the land. More than the land size and measurements, a land survey provides valuable information about the site, which guides the work of architects, building designers, engineers, and more. 

Here at Superdraft, we help our customers get a land survey before their Superdraft designer works on the final drawings. Call 1300 936 740 for more information.

acreage home building designer

Advantages of building a rural home

In the city and suburbs, your housing options are limited to condo units, flats, apartments, townhomes, and houses on smaller blocks. 

When you move to the rural areas, you can have your very own country estate and enjoy not only your dream home but also the picturesque views, cleaner air, and tranquil surroundings. You can adapt to a more sustainable way of living too.

Interested in an acreage home? Give us a call at 1800 057 491 or go here to get a free quote.

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