10 luxury shipping container homes

Shipping containers are like the Lego’s of the construction industry, and these are some of the magnificent projects we’ve seen so far:
luxury shipping container homes

When asked about shipping container homes, people often think of off-the-grid residences or guest quarters situated behind the main house. Many people don’t know that they can build modern luxury container homes, too! In fact, many homeowners around the world have done it before. 

In this article, we’ll share some of the key features of luxury container houses. We’ll also share some amazing ideas to get you inspired.

Elements of luxury container home design

Modern container homes are all about living large without having to pay millions of dollars. Here are some of their key features:

  • Grand floor-to-ceiling views
  • Spacious floor plans
  • Lush surroundings
  • Modern interior designs

Working with a reliable building designer will ensure that your luxury container home has all the features you want but will be built within your budget.

10 luxury shipping container homes

Here are some amazing residential projects that have utilised luxury shipping containers. May these container home ideas inspire you to build your own!

1. Pond pavilion recycled container home

Made from two shipping containers, this recycled shipping container offers a comfortable countryside living experience.

shipping container home floating on pond

2. Stylish container home mansion

Made from four recycled shipping containers, this property boasts a vast floor plan and luxurious industrial-style interiors.

two-storey shipping container house

3. Two-storey container home

Made from two massive shipping containers, this two-storey home features an open living area, four bedrooms, a media room, and three bathrooms. The corrugated metal walls of the shipping container are the main architectural interest inside the house.

cargo box mansion

4. Rural shipping cargo homes

This rural retreat is constructed from five recycled shipping containers at a gravity-defying angle. The interiors are cosy, but the main highlight of the luxury container house is the view of the forest.

luxury shipping container homes in the mountains

5. Timber shipping container house

This captivating container home hid the corrugated walls using weathered, reclaimed timber cladding. It has a rustic mountain cabin vibe outside but with minimalist interiors.

shipping container house with wood cladding

6. Off-the-grid cabin 

This luxurious off-the-grid home features private and shared spaces with a picturesque view of the hills and stars.

luxury shipping container house

7. Single-family shipping container home

This container home features two kinds of exterior cladding materials, which highlights the two boxes used in the construction of this home.

shipping container house with two claddings

8. Triple-storey shipping container home 

This flood-proof house features one of the largest container home designs in Australia.

9. Surf town shipping container home

This sea can house features cantilevered containers that exude charm against the tropical nature.

10. Minimalist shipping container home

This minimalist home features breathtaking views of this town’s lush green surroundings and farming lands. The upper floor’s outdoor space cantilevers as it extends outwards.

metal buildings in shipping container house

Frequently asked questions about modern shipping container homes

How much are luxury container homes in Australia?

Sea container homes are dubbed as an affordable alternative to conventional housing. These structures cost between $30,000 to $300,000.*

To get a clear idea of how much your modern luxury container home will cost, ask us for a free quote

*Disclaimer: These rates are only estimates based on past figures.

Are building permits required to build luxury shipping container homes?

Yes! It is legal to use shipping containers to build a house, you only need council approval. You need to prove that the shipping container home that you are planning to build is structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, habitable, and in adherence to the local zoning laws. When your project meets these requirements, you will get council and building approval.

Can I just buy shipping container house plans in Australia?

At Superdraft, we don’t recommend that you buy shipping container floor plans online. We recommend you built consult a building designer so that you can avoid some of the common mishaps when constructing a luxury container house.

shipping container house in the mountains

Build affordable container homes in Australia

Luxury shipping container homes make it possible to live in a spacious, eco-friendly house without having to spend a huge amount of money. They’re also faster and simpler to build compared to traditional houses.

At Superdraft, we can help you find a building designer or draftsman for container homes in Australia. They can bring your ideas for container homes to life by making detailed, easy-to-understand construction plans. We also help you gain council approval so that your project can go as smoothly as possible. Sign up for our platform now!

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