How to achieve Mediterranean style home interiors

Let's study the key elements, material and colour palette, ideal furniture styles, and accessories that suit Mediterranean style home interiors. Learn how to embrace this warm and elegant style in your home by following this guide.
9 Things That You’ll Love in this Casual Mediterranean Kitchen

When you're attracted to the laid-back, elegant, and Earthy interiors inspired by the sun and sea, then you might like the Mediterranean style. Continue reading to know more about this trending interior style. We discuss the key design elements, colour and material palette, ideal furniture, and decoration to help you recreate this at home.

A better look at the Mediterranean style

As the name indicates, this style came from the Mediterranean region. It has design influences from the beautiful homes in Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, France, and more. You can personalise it; make it calm and breezy or warm and homey depending on your taste.

Here’s a living room inspired by the homes in Greece and furniture pieces from France. It feels light, fresh, and breezy from sun up to sundown. When recreating this style, always remember to: 

  1. Keep the interiors looking cool and refreshed. Whitewashed walls and stone tiles give this effect. 
  2. Add Earthy features — material such as timber, leather, terracotta, and stone.
  3. Choose elaborate designs. Mediterranean style features ornamental tiles, wallpapers, ceramics, chandeliers, and textiles. Make use of intricately carved timber furniture too. 

Also, keep in mind that the Mediterranean interior style is:

  1. Laid-back. Create informal dining and living areas. Prioritise comfort, ergonomics, and function, so you feel at home all the time.
  2. All-natural. Minimise plastic furniture pieces as much as possible. Avoid using fake plants as decor. It’s best to grow a real plant in terracotta or ceramic pots indoors.
  3. All about the classics. It is not about being trendy, though you can add some contemporary design elements to make it feel more updated.

Make it modern

When you love the Mediterranean style but don’t want to feel like travelling back in time, incorporate a few modern elements in your design. In this crisp white kitchen, the tile splashback and the globe pendant lights pair well with the classic shaker style cabinetry, vintage dining set, and kitchen island with leather stools.

Opt for an Earthy material & colour palette

Mediterranean interiors feature a warm palette inspired by nature. Think of the colours of sun-drenched land and sparkling blue waters surrounding the region. 

Warm colour options: terracotta, bougainvillea, amber, flax, chili, cinnamon, clay

Sky and oceanic colour options: sage green sea green, turquoise, cobalt, azure, cerulean

When placed against a calming background, these Earthy hues and shades stand out. The ideal backgrounds are alabaster, straw, stone, and parchment walls. Incorporate timber into the design to add warmth to the room. In this bathroom, the designers used faux wood porcelain tiles on the floor and halfway up the wall behind the toilet. These work well with the teal storage and tiles. Overall, the bathroom looks fresh and attractive. READ: 5 Reasons to Adore this Nature-Inspired Bathroom Design

Lay colourful tiles

Lay colourful tiles on the floors, stair risers, porches, and the kitchen splashback. Choose distinct tile designs, preferably with traditional but charming patterns. 

Here, the designers used the same encaustic tiles as flooring and splashback material. The tiles are the most attractive accent in this kitchen. If you like continuity and uniformity, then a matching flooring and splashback might work for you. READ: 9 Things to Love About This Mediterranean Kitchen

Here, the designer used handmade and hand-painted Spanish tiles to accentuate the stairs. It stands out against the warm terracotta outdoor tiles. When you want a more playful Mediterranean staircase look, try using mismatched ceramic tiles. Get assorted tiles with beautiful, vibrant colours. There is no wrong way to do this! Mediterranean style rooms have simple wall backdrop and timber floors. Laying vibrant and patterned tiles like these will enliven the space.

Use classic, heirloom furniture pieces and decor

Choose big, sturdy, and durable furniture and decor for your Mediterranean style home. Always favour classic pieces because these stand the test of time. Think of carved timber furniture and upholstered sofas with throw pillows with velvet, silk, damask, or brocade covers. Rugs, antiques, and handmade decor made from ceramic, timber, or metalwork here too.

Designing Mediterranean style rooms

The Mediterranean style is warm and welcoming; no wonder a lot of homeowners fell in love with this style. Are you one of them? Tell us about the design elements you want to incorporate in your home! You can also discuss your future project with us. We are happy to help you!

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