Why You Find the Mid-Century Modern Design Exciting

The timeless look of mid-century modern design appeals to today's homeowners because of these reasons…
Everything That You Will Find Exciting About The Mid-Century Modern Design

We all know that design trends are cyclical. What's famous decades ago always come back and become popular again. Right now, the mid-century modern style is back, and Australians embrace this architectural movement more than any other.

Our fascination with mid-century modernism is unmistakable because most of the homes designed lately have:

✔️ Flat or raked roof

✔️ Wide floor-to-ceiling windows

✔️ Seamless indoor-outdoor areas

And, these qualities of mid-century modern architecture quintessentially describe an Australian home today. In addition, most of us scour flea markets, antique stores, and online shops in pursuit of furniture pieces inspired by the 50s and the 60s.

We opt to furnish and decorate our homes with pieces that have clean lines and minimal fuss. Because there is a demand for this furniture style…

✔️Several furniture designers wholeheartedly created more mid-century modern furniture.

✔️Countless physical and online stores dedicated to this design style opened.

Now, the market has enough supply of mid-century modern furniture pieces. You can purchase items off the shelves. But, the most interesting part of this architectural movement is that the children and grandkids of baby boomers (the generation who first witnessed mid-century modernism) still adopt this style.

That being said, mid-century modernism can stay with us for a very long time.

Here are the reasons why mid-century modernism captivated us Aussies:

Because it has a striking visual presence

Whether indoors or outdoors, mid-century modern design delivers a strong impact.

This style dares your architect or designer to create stunning and innovative spaces which influence the way a homeowner lives. Here, they think about locating and linking the rooms in the best possible ways. It also allows them to embrace new building materials or use traditional ones in unique and surprising ways.

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Because simplicity and functionality are sexy

The mid-century modern style is about creating a calm, simple, and functional home. And, you establish this goal as early as the planning stage.

This means you and your architect design a home that is one with its surroundings; each room relates to another, and indoor-outdoor spaces unite with the garden.

In order to highlight that, you don’t need to embellish the house with fancy furniture and decor. All you need to do is furnish your home with the basic pieces that look great together. Look for functional items that have clean lines and organic shapes. Have one statement piece in a room. And, celebrate negative space.

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Because tough times call for simple yet innovative designs

The mid-century modern interior design style happened after the two world wars.

People had no money. There was a shortage of building materials. The economy was down.

But, people produced innovative home and furniture designs.  

We still experience tough times today. For one, real estate prices and the costs of building a home are skyrocketing. Because of that, most of us had to stretch our budget.

Mid-century modernism allows you to explore new, affordable, yet quality building materials. You also go with affordable and timeless pieces to furnish your home too. It’s about getting the maximum efficiency out of what you have — and you can’t go wrong here.

Because nostalgia is good for you

Nostalgia affects our design preferences more than we know it. It reconnects us with our roots and strengthens our personal identity. And, it influences the way we live our lives and the people and the things we surround ourselves with.

That being said, some thirty-something millennial who grew up in a mid-century modern home may want to live in a home with the same style because it feels homely. He/she might want furniture and home decor that remind him/her of a cherished past.

Mid-century modern design allows you to live in a familiar place. It evokes warm and positive feelings from the past. It makes our homes feel safe and secure too.

Because it’s not chaotic — at all

The mid-century modern style challenges you to remain clutter-free. It’s about sticking with the basics, so you don’t lose sight of the room’s role and purpose.

Also, clear and uncluttered lets you to fully enjoy the space. You don’t always have to go away on vacation to feel relaxed because you can truly loosen up at home.

Mid-century modern is the most desired design style right now

There hasn’t been a monumental shift in residential construction ever since the resurgence of interest in mid-century modern design.

But, it doesn’t mean the home design won’t evolve.

It will change, but only to be more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Today's architects and designers are implementing passive design principles. They’re orienting the houses right. They’re designing structures that suit the location and the climate. And, we find that exciting.

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