5 hacks to make your Mid-century modern kitchen layout better

You don’t need to skimp on function and beauty in your compact kitchen.
5 Hacks that Make Your Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Layout Better

One feature we love about mid-century modern kitchens is its layout. It's open, spacious, and efficient. But when renovating, getting the right mid-century modern kitchen layout is difficult! In most cases, the vision does not suit the original floor plan.

Projects like these require an expansion. It's either we borrow space from the next room or we build an addition. And, taking down inner walls or putting an addition are both expensive options.

In this blog, we’ll prove to you that a compact kitchen can be beautiful and functional. You can have appealing finishes, appliances, storage and still have a working layout. The mid-century modern style has space-saving principles. Consider these when renovating:

Build a galley kitchen.

During the planning stage, homeowners debate whether to extend the kitchen or not.  We ask ourselves whether the extra costs are worth paying for. We weigh our options before coming up with a decision.

If you can't afford to change the original floor plan, consider embracing a new and more efficient layout. The galley kitchen layout consists of two parallel counters with a space between. One side is for cooking, while the other is for washing and preparing the food. Cabinets are often placed above and below the prep and cook area, so there’s enough storage. With careful planning, this layout and system will remain ergonomic, even in a tight space.

You can use the money you save to buy high-end appliances, update your cabinetry, replace your old benchtops.

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Incorporate new materials

There are a lot of materials and finishes to choose from today. If you're going to update the kitchen, modernize the essential elements. A new set of cabinets, flooring, and countertop will give your mid-century modern kitchen an updated look. 

Build a floating kitchen

Today, we're accustomed to placing the kitchen sink on a wall. Building a floating kitchen, a space free from walls, will be a brave decision to make. 

Install a smart storage system

One of the problems with a compact kitchen is having enough storage space for all of your utensils, appliances, pots, and pans. If you want adequate storage without expanding the space, consider custom cabinetry. It will allow you to maximise your kitchen space. You will make use of every space possible. Consider other storage options too, like a wall shelf. 

Incorporate nature in the design

Your mid-century modern kitchen layout must have a source of natural light. Having windows with a view of your garden is one way to go. You can also open your kitchen to the landscape. A great indoor-outdoor kitchen is very mid-century modern.

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