How to make a room feel more spacious using a mirror

A humble mirror can create a visual illusion and seemingly double the size of the room.
mirror decor ideas

Interior decorating is one of the struggles of homeowners living in small homes and apartments. Today, let’s discuss how you can have a seemingly wider and bigger room with the help of mirrors. Here are some smart mirror decor ideas that you can copy: 

Install full-length mirrors on the wall

Designers use mirrors to create a visual illusion and make the room feel and look more spacious. Please take a look at how this full-length mirror made this hallway near the front door more massive than it seems.

Full-length mirrors near the front door like this are practical because it lets you check your appearance before leaving your house.

The same concept applies to this bedroom. Here, the full-length mirror is near the bedroom door and gives you a charming dressing corner. The mirror here creates an illusion of a bigger bedroom as well.

Use mirror panels on your built-in storage. 

In this small apartment, the designers concealed a reach-in closet using mirror sliding doors. This makes the compact apartment unit feel more spacious and grandiose.

mirror decor ideas

Wardrobes with mirror doors are also ideal in small bedrooms. Here's a a reach-in closet with stackable glass doors.

Opt for wardrobes with mirror doors to hide clutter and save space. This won't occupy much floor space, unlike a freestanding mirror. This is super useful when getting dressed too!

Use mirror kitchen splashback.

In small kitchens, a mirror splashback creates visual interest. Here, the mirror splashback made this tiny kitchen more appealing. The mirrors complement the undercabinet lighting and create a well-lit benchtop. This is perfect when when preparing meals or doing the dishes.

small kitchen ideas small kitchen floor

Mirror splashbacks look great when there's a beautiful reflection. Here, you can see the beautiful trees outside from the reflection.

When you install a mirror splashback in your kitchen, make sure that you clean it regularly. Dirt and grease are more obvious with this kind of splashback.

Hang a massive wall mirror 

In this apartment, there is a massive mirror hanging on the wall and reflects the passage to the rooms. The mirror reflects light and keeps the hallway bright and ambient.

Oversized mirrors, when hung properly in hallways make a great impression. This one has a very thin and simple frame, which makes it perfect in a modern minimalist home.

There are a lot of mirrors that you can hang on your walls and display on your hallway. Consult with your interior designer first to avoid overwhelming yourself and to effectively use a mirror.

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