Moderate budget bathroom renovation ideas that cost between $10k and $15k

A renovation guide for homeowners who can stretch their budget a little more in pursuit of a statement bath.

With $10,000 to $15,000, it is possible to create the bathroom of your dreams. A moderate budget bathroom renovation is enough to turn a boring bathroom into a stylish sanctuary. It won’t allow major structural changes but you can definitely install functional and stunning bath fixtures which make your bathroom better than before.

To make the most of your resources, we recommend that you invest in one or two big-ticket items. Splurge on your tub, shower, tiles, flooring, windows, or vanity. After that, you can skimp on the remaining bathroom decor and fixtures. 

Check out this list below:


Vertical Garden

There is a growing admiration for green design. If you are one of them, you might like the idea of having a vertical garden in your bathroom. What you need is a good source of natural light and a sturdy wall where you can plant the greens, as pictured in the photo below.

Moderate Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The idea of showering or taking a dip in the tub every day will help these plants thrive. They love the humidity in the bathroom. In return, the plants improve the indoor air quality and boost your mental and emotional health. Finally, you have a space to meditate

Designer Tip: A brick, concrete, wood, or sheet metal wall are ideal for a bathroom vertical garden. This is where you will attach the assembled vertical garden kit.


You can create a statement bath using tiles with unique shapes and designs. These are more expensive compared to ordinary, square shaped tiles. It is also harder to install. A professional tiler will take time in figuring out the best look of the tiles on your walls.

PVC Panelling

PVC panels are one of the best wall material for wet areas like the bathroom. It is easy to clean—you only need a hot sponge to wipe all the dirt from its surface. The material doesn’t allow the growth of moulds as well. Use these panels if you want to have wooden elements in the bathroom. It comes in a wide variety of grain colours and patterns that mimic real wood.

Moderate Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Designer Tip: You can skip filling the tiny holes of your wall and painting it. Just nail the PVC panels onto your walls. Lay it vertically to make your bathroom taller and horizontally if you want it to look wider.



You can buy fibre-reinforced concrete tiles in the market. These are lighter than regular concrete tiles. It is stronger and more durable as well. This comes in various colours and patterns which make it more interesting and exotic. These have a non-slip and textured surface which makes it perfect for bathrooms


Laminates continue to prove itself to be the best substitute to timber panelling and floorboards. Thanks to technology, the modern laminates mimic even the most expensive wood’s grain patterns and colours. It is cheaper and it keeps the termites away.

High-quality laminates can withstand the moisture in the bathroom, meaning it won’t rot easily. Some have great soundproofing qualities. Choose the textured laminates to make the bathroom safer and slip-resistant.

Moderate Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas



Japanese baths are shorter and deeper than the regular bath you can get in home improvement stores. Going for this type of tub saves you space and enhances your bath experience. You’ll be able to soak your entire body in the tub even if you’re just sitting.

Designer Tip: Pair a Japanese bath with wooden elements in the bathroom. Install wooden slats on the wall beside your tub. You will create an Asian-inspired spa bathroom look.


With a moderate budget, you can customise your vanity to fit your space and your style. If you have a smaller space, feel free to free build a slimmer vanity with tall storage spaces. If you have a larger space, you can make his and her vanity space.


Instead of a regular shower, the extra money can be used to create a rainfall effect in the bathroom. Some showerheads can be flushed to the ceiling. These modern pieces most likely passed the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme rating, meaning these use less water compared to a regular showerhead.

Again, this is a high-end fixture. You will need to pay extra for the services of your plumber.


Huge window

Nothing beats the power of natural light in the space. Now that you have the money, it won’t hurt to put a window or a sliding door in the bathroom. It will elevate the space, especially if it has a nice view of outside.

Designer’s Tip: If the bathroom window has a good view, make it the focal point of the bathroom.

Moderate Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Another way to welcome natural light in the space is through a skylight. Put it above your tub so you can gaze at the blue skies in the morning and the starry skies at night.

We also featured bathroom renovation ideas that cost below $7000, where you can read about budget bathroom renovation ideas.

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