Home Renovation Series: A peek through the best bathroom renovation ideas

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frame gesture in bathroom renovation drawing and photo

When people decide to renovate the bathroom, for example, they already have bathroom renovation ideas in mind. For homeowners, these ideas are expressions of their dream to feel completely comfortable in their home where everything is exactly in its place, everything is the right height and everything is in a certain order. This is modern home design. The emphasis is on clarity and concentration, but there is no room for clutter, and every single room has a function.

This handy guide from the Home Renovation series gives a detailed overview of ideas, styles, costs, elements and more for renovating modern bathrooms. So you can decide for yourself what style you want to achieve in your bathroom renovation.

What is a modern home design?

bathroom renovation idea scandinavian

The modern home design emerged in the early 20th century, an inspirational era for designers. From bold and vibrant hues to intricate carvings inspired by Gothic style architecture or the Victorian style, the design became fluid and focused on the form-follows-function philosophy. Moreover, the design gained popularity for its use of clean lines, large glass windows, and open living spaces.

This design aims to celebrate the clarity brought by open space — an uncluttered space will make you clear your mind and help you focus. It highlights the importance of an exemplary layout of a home design to ensure connectivity, functionality, the natural flow of each space and component, and ease in the transition of daily activities.

The modern home design introduced the following styles of contemporary design which emerged throughout the said period. 

Minimalism. This style highlighted functionality and simplicity. Minimalism makes sure that every piece of furniture or object has a function in the space and not just an ornament.

Industrial. This style gives a distinctive look as it showcases the manufacturing structures, technical buildings or warehouses, exposing construction details. This style is more diminutive in style — bare, more on wooden or steel frameworks, and stripped off its embellishments.

Scandinavian.  Like minimalism, this style focuses on simplicity and functionality. Scandi design presents a casual, calm, and cozy personality from the Northern European heritage. Its design emphasises hygge, a Danish and Norwegian word for cosiness and comfort, with a certain feeling of contentment and warmth. Thus, it uses white flooring, neutral palettes, sleek wood or leather furniture, natural materials, and natural light.

modern bathroom renovation design

Modern rustic. It uses different textures, structures, vintage furniture, patterns, and antiques. Such fusion of raw wood, panelled walls, raw lumber, etc., creates depth, drama, and elegance in a space. While old buildings are the usual recipients, modern structures also incorporate themselves with this style.

Maximalism. This style gives prominence to colourful, embellished, and layered effects — all these are contrasting in response to the philosophy of minimalism. Although the principle of maximalism is increasing, it doesn’t mean it will incorporate any addition to the pattern or design without careful thought. This style happens over time, prioritising one of the many layers throughout and instilling a sense of balance to the whole style.

Mid-century style. This style emphasises a sleek and clean look and gave way to the release of practical, affordable, and casual furniture. It uses visually inviting colours such as soft and warm tones.

Modern Glamour. This style is an expression of Art Deco, with sleek geometric or stylised forms, golds, stunning colours, artistry, luxury, etc. — giving out the Hollywood charm. Although the form, finish, and ornamentation is distinct, they all follow function; curvy, grand, boldly-coloured pieces and movables, and superb choices of bronze and gold.

Modern home design styles started with fresh, simple, and clean lines of minimalism and ended with a colourful and glamorous touch of metals.

Contemporary vs modern home design

modern contemporary fusion in bathroom design

Contemporary design and modern design are often used interchangeably.

Modern design speaks of a distinct aesthetic style or historical movement that emerged in the 20th century. In contrast, contemporary design is not a style or a movement but an ever-growing style or design today and in the future.

Minimalism, clean lines, open spaces, and neutral colours are just a few of the elements they have in common. Although the modern design features dark wood, concrete, and vertical and horizontal lines in its architecture, the contemporary style is more on eco-friendly materials and curvy architecture.

Reasons for bathroom renovation

before and after modern bathroom renovation

If you have had the same bathroom for decades or plan to sell it in the future, it may be time to renovate it. Surely it is a good investment, even if in one way or another it already has problems such as leaks, loose tiles, mould or an outdated design, affecting above all the supposed comfort and functionality. This is where your ideas for bathroom renovation are needed.

If your bathroom is small, you may want to consider renovating it to maximise the space, making it possible to walk and move easily, especially in a busy household. Modern home design highlights functionality and practicality over fashion. It may not just be your bathroom cabinets that need optimisation, but your shower and vanity area, too.

Read through the whole article to know more about the bathroom renovation ideas we compiled for you.

What are the elements of a modern bathroom design?

herringbone geometric tile shapes for modern bathroom renovation

Clean, crisp straight lines. Lines visually manipulate the space, whether they shorten or extend it. Apart from being a consistent element in modern home design and contemporary, this is usually used in bathrooms with minimal spaces to create a visual illusion of a larger area.

Streamlined mirrors and lighting. Illuminated mirrors, in other terms, are integrated aspects of a more functional mirror, thereby saving the need for an entirely different light source.

Geometric tile shapes. Modern geometric shapes are used to highlight permanent fixtures in a bathroom. Due to its versatility, geometric shapes are placed on a backsplash, floor, or even the bathroom wall.

Neutral colour scheme. Unlike the bold colours in the Victorian period, the modern style favoured a neutral colour palette. Maximalists may use primary colours though.

Open floor plan. This element uses furniture to create a partition.

Low and long furniture. Furniture pieces made in natural materials are emphasised.  It can give your bathroom a raw yet modern look at the same time.

What bathroom renovation ideas are trending?

Modern bathrooms are more inclined to use clinical white, ceramics, etc., centred on the ideology of “less is more”. Monochromatic colours are go-to colours and neutrals, from little pieces of hardware to more prominent bathroom fixtures. Geometric shapes, patterns, grunge paint, and texture are mainly used, although don’t have to be striking and bold. 

If you have bathroom renovation ideas in mind for your bathroom, don’t hesitate to sign up for our free platform where we’ll connect you with the best interior and building designers.

What costs the most in a bathroom renovation?

waterproofing with tape for bathroom renovation

Renovation costs rely heavily on preferences or considerations for any aspect and stage of the project. 

No other home renovation project is the same when it comes to expenses. In some cases, labour costs more. However, in some, tile work and plumbing spike up the list of payables.

Renovating your bathroom starts with demolishing tiles, waterproofing, plumbing, electrical aspect, fittings, and retiling. Small to standard bathroom renovation in Australia can cost around $5,000 to $20,000* while large bathrooms will cost $20,000 to $35,000*. Labour is around 20-40%* of the said budget, as it includes the pre-renovation labour, making it the most expensive portion of bathroom renovation.

Modern bathroom renovation ideas

plumber installing bath tubs for bathroom

Getting your budget right is one of the main concerns for your long-awaited bathroom renovation. Superdraft has compiled a list of bathroom renovation ideas, costs to do your renovation, and designs.



You may pick a standard version of the toilet since it’s cost-effective. However, a modern bathroom is for minimalism so you may opt for a floor-mounted hidden cistern or a wall-hung toilet. These are space-savers as it hides plumbing and others in the wall cavity.


Choosing clinical white is the best way to go in your toilet. It can be paired up with any other colour, and it’s easy to clean as well.


If you’re moving the plumbing or changing the layout of your bathroom, thereby installing and relocating some of its elements, plumbing may incur additional costs. 

In Australia, the average labour cost of installing a toilet is around $300-$400*, and can go as high as $1,000* or more for some models. Meanwhile, floor-mounted hidden cisterns or wall hung toilets cost $150 to $750*. 

Your toilet can make or break your whole bathroom. Make sure that you choose it after making additional considerations like the flush, water usage, and reviews or reports of actual buyers regarding malfunction.

Take a look at this layout, wherein the shower controls, toilet, and faucet are in one bathroom area. Such is for convenience and cost-saving so that the plumbing and other supply lines are only in one wall.

modern bathroom with wall hung toilet

If you want to know more about recreating sustainable bathrooms and more bathroom renovation ideas, you may reach out to our Project Coordinators, who will guide you through your project from start to finish.

Bathroom Sink Faucets


Brass faucets may be pretty expensive, but they are more durable, and their longevity beat brushed nickel or chrome. They also add drama to the bathroom.


Sink faucet designs vary in design and shape. Your sink faucet must suit your style and the overall look of your bathroom. Bold black taps look impressive, but gold, brass, chrome, and nickel brush the room with a metallic and glamorous modern look.

Take a glance at this sleek matt black tap in grunge grey tiles splashback.

wall mounted black tap in modern bathroom


Plumbers have different hourly rates than project rates.  If you employ one on a project basis, you might be able to save money. The best idea is that you request a quote from them indicating the details of such service. After all, he will be assisting you in the whole renovation other than sink faucet replacement.

Meanwhile, the cost of a sink faucet in Australia ranges from $99 to $2,079*, depending on the quality and durability. Spend just enough and not too much for your sink faucet. 

Bathroom Vanities


Wall-mounted or standard vanities look cleaner and give more space to the bathroom. If not in the same colour, the toilet and vanity must complement each other. Since the vanity is not just for bathing but also for other essentials like getting ready to go out and putting on make-up, you may want to consider an integrated mirror. LED Bathroom mirrors or illuminated ones have subtle light and give a clear reflection, making it easy and convenient to use the mirror without adding another light source.


Solid quartz benchtops are durable, low-maintenance, and available in different colours. This material doesn’t need sealing. You may also opt for engineered stone, polished concrete, granite, stainless steel, wood, laminate, or marble. Stone benchtops look perfect in your modern bathroom, and the design you’ll choose is crucial since it should be consistent with the modern style you’re going for. 

Notice the solid quartz benchtop topping the wooden base vanity.

modern bathroom quartz benchtop


Bathroom vanities vary in price from $1400 to $4800*; this is from wall hung vanity to a vanity with a ceramic basin. Since quartz is on the expensive side, along with stone such as granite and marble which cost around $3300.00-$3500.00*, you may want to try laminate as it’s easy to install and just costs around $600-$900*. Choose a known vanity for durability and avoid materials that easily break and grow moulds over time.

In choosing the best material for your vanity, make sure that it’s timeless and wouldn’t require a generous makeover in the next few years.



Your bathroom may be big or small, but freestanding bathtubs can fit in any design. It’s versatile, easy to install, and available in many shapes, colours, and sizes. You can move it wherever you feel comfortable. In choosing a bathtub, go where your comfort leads you.


Freestanding tubs visually extend the bathroom. The one to look out for in modern bathroom designs is a white freestanding asymmetrical soaking tub because of its clean and artistic focal point. 


Integrated or built-in bathtubs cost around $300-$2000*, while freestanding ones are around $1300-$3000*.

The image below shows that clinical white is the go-to colour for your bathroom fixtures.

modern bathroom and freestanding asymmetrical soaking tub

Do you have doubts about the design you’re going for? Experience your bathroom renovation in 3D if you sign up for our platform for free!

Shower Faucets


You shouldn’t be afraid of picking a style for your shower faucet. It can be wall-mounted, handheld, and rain showerheads. A rain or waterfall showerhead is the best choice for a modern bathroom since it mimics the feel of bathing in the rain and gives a dramatic effect to a minimalist or rustic bathroom.


You don’t need to pick an expensive showerhead; just pick one which suits the style you are going for, especially the needs of everyone in your household. You can choose handheld showers if you have children. Rainshower heads are popular since the whole family can enjoy them.


Showerheads in Australia don’t cost much, and they range from $11-$1250*.

Here’s a ceiling rainshower head in a modern bathroom which costs around $120-$500*.

close up of modern rainshower head

Bathroom floor and wall


Floors and walls are the most significant space in the bathroom. It’s important to consider the best materials for this space. Usually, the use of tiles is for waterproofing purposes. Modern minimalist styles allow tiled floors and walls provided that they complement each other. However, modern home designs focus on getting a clean and raw look, like grunge grey paint or a concrete look for your bathroom wall. You may pick the industrial design style and incorporate wooden embellishments to top the look.

modern bathroom concrete industrial design


The industrial design does not shy away from light and neutral paint. A casual and straightforward bathroom can look more expensive if you pick the right tile designs and fixtures. The modern style also gives highlights to use of geometric shapes and styles to add appeal to a rather simple interior.


Bathroom waterproofing ranges from $500-$750*. It depends on the space that needs waterproofing. The area of the bathroom plays a significant factor in tile costs and wall design considerations. Bathroom builders or tilers may bill you for $35 to $120* per square meter in installation only. On the other hand, the tiles require a separate purchase.

Wall tiles range from $20-$159* per square metre (200mm x 200mm), depending on the quality of the tile and the design. Meanwhile, floor tiles range from $35-$130* per square meter.

modern bathroom with white brick wall

How can Superdraft help with your bathroom renovation

Don’t worry about making a mistake in planning your bathroom renovation. The renovation process is certainly tiresome starting from determining your budget to picking the colours, the design, the materials, the hardware, etc. Having a particular design or style in mind is one, but if you have industry experts to guide you and consult with you in your bathroom renovation project, you can sit back and relax.

Superdraft can provide you with a reliable and professional building designer or a draftsman for this project, mind you, they have a wide network of qualified professionals who can do the job. These bathroom renovation ideas are made to guide you, but with the right professionals, expect to achieve your dream bathroom renovation project.

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