8 features of modern coastal homes in Australia you don’t want to miss

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coastal homes in the gold coast australia

Queensland, Sydney, and Gold Coast are just a few coastal areas that house the best and most modern coastal homes in Australia. Who wouldn’t love the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction from the wet sand on your feet and the ocean breeze on your face as you walk along the open and vast shoreline? Spending a vacation on the coast is a stress-free haven ⸺ imagine if you’re living in it!

In this article, we’ll define what a coastal home is, its design styles, and features. We’ll also discuss how a coastal home is maintained and locate some of the modern coastal homes in Australia.

What is a coastal home?

modern coastal home in Australia

If your house is on the land along a sea or beach, then it’s considered as a coastal home. The coast is the land along an ocean, while the coastline is the boundary of a coast. It’s also a place where land meets water.

Coastlines are created due to currents and waves. When they crash to the shore, they wear away the land and leave shells, seaweeds, and heavy rocks.

Coastal homes have a typical image of having a blue or white in the interior, with seashells and fishing materials as decorations. But wait, there’s more to it than just a nautical design. A coastal home has a clean interior and uses soft colours and natural light. It’s meant to complement the beach and the summer.

family enjoying a sunset walk in a coastal area

This is why people love the coastal lifestyle. It’s living life at your pace, calm and relaxing. It’s moving slow, without the metro rush and enjoying the friendly and comfortable life on the coast.

Living in a coastal home entails scenic landscapes, clean air, and a sustainable environment. No wonder people consider coastal homes a sweet escape.

Coastal design styles

A coastal home has a streamlined and modern design. It has simple lines, layout, and features that are refreshing and comfortable to the eyes. Here are some of the coastal design styles.

Coastal Farmhouse style

coastal farmhouse bedroom with hardwood headboard

Farmhouse styles exude practicality and comfort. They mostly combine white and wood, antiques, and vintage pieces. The use of hardwood in the flooring, headboard, wooden palettes, and blinds is consistent.

Rustic coastal

rustic coastal home in Australia

A rustic design uses natural textures, a neutral palette, greens, and glass decors. To make it a rustic coastal design, distressed wood and raw materials are incorporated into the nautical elements. 

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Contemporary coastal

contemporary coastal bedroom with blue printed sheets

This contemporary coastal style has clean lines, natural materials, and textures, just like the other designs mentioned. A nice, stylish touch would be adding interest to the neutral backdrop — go with a bold statement art — just like the blanket in this huge blue palm leaves design. 

Coastal boho

bohemian bedroom in a modern coastal home in Australia

Bohemian or boho style is famous for its flexible structure and layers of designs. Paired with a coastal look, it highlights its light and airy features, like this design. 

Modern coastal

modern coastal home with bold colours

Modern design is typically represented by crisp lines, bold shapes, and minimalism. In this photo, the throw pillows use vibrant coastal colours, and the presence of glass doors. Large windows allowed the natural light to adorn the overall design.

You can find modern coastal designs incorporated into a Hamptons style design.

Here are the best features of modern coastal homes across Australia:

coastal living room with natural light

Like the rest of the styles, modern coastal homes in Australia are easy to replicate because of their usual features. The question is how do you put together the features without going overboard.

Classic coastal colour (+ neutral palette)

colour palette of the sea

The classic coastal colours are greys (warm and cold), whites, blues, greens, peach, coral, etc. Neutrals are injected into the design to balance the coastal look. Stick to these colours and scatter them over the house to keep the beach vibe in your home.

kids room in a modern coastal home in Australia

Here’s a daybed in a kid’s room with a pale navy blue bedsheet and a mix of white, pale blue, and crimson pillowcases. Notice the marine lamp stuck into a white-painted shiplap cladding.

Minimalist layout

pale blue dining room with pendant light

Minimalism is the highlight of modern design. As you can see in the living room above, the light blue chairs are coupled with a spotless wall, white table, and a bentwood chandelier.

Natural textures of modern coastal homes

cozy modern coastal home interior

This coastal living room gives a cozy vibe because of the light colours and the clever use of natural textures. The canvas fabric used in the sofa cloth cover, the white rattan in the throw pillow, and the handmade straw pendant lamp gave the design sense of feel.

warm coastal living room

You can choose from natural textures like fur, wood grain, sand, eggshell, and other textured finishes.

Warm furniture and accessories

accessories of a warm coastal living room

Warm colours make the room feel cozier and more comfortable. The console table and its accessories are all within warm and neutral shades in this design.

Beach pieces / seaside elements of modern coastal homes

blue living room in a modern coastal home in Australia

Of course, it wouldn’t be coastal without the nautical or seaside pieces — seashells, starfish crafts, wood pendants, beach stack, coconut charms, seagrass pillows, etc.

accessories and furniture in a modern coastal home

Touches of grass and/or wood

coastal and cozy living room in a modern coastal home

Notice the importance of the plant in this design. The neutral colours are consistent in the design, but the plants make the room look alive.

modern coastal home with an open plan living design

Open spaces and natural light

modern coastal homes Australia in navy blue

Two elements of a coastal landscape are sunlight and sunset. Both can’t be appreciated without using large glass windows. Make sure your windows directly face the coast to enjoy the sun’s glorious heat fully.

Lovely deck

coastal deck overlooking the sea

You can enjoy your morning coffee or hot choco, while staring out into the sea, comfortably seated on a patio or backyard deck.

It’s a great outdoor addition, especially if you mind having guests inside your home. Having a deck where your guests can stay, dine, and enjoy is an excellent investment for your coastal home.

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Where are the modern coastal homes in Australia located?

terrace of a modern coastal homes in Australia

Most of the coastal homes in Australia are located in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Sydney. Western Australia has the longest total coastline, while Victoria has the shortest.

coast of sydney australia

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modern coastal home with a fireplace

Transform your homes into modern coastal homes in Australia

To achieve a modern coastal home, you must balance the features correctly. The best way to do this is to hire professionals who can guide you from start to finish. We have partner suppliers, draftsmen, builders, consultants; we can also connect you with the perfect building designer around Sydney or all over Australia: Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, and Perth — professionals who can get your vision done.

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