Mudrooms, Euro Laundries, and other modern laundry room trends explained

Building a euro laundry or mudroom is one of the most popular renovation projects that homeowners are undertaking this year. Here are the design trends to consider the following:
Laundry room trends 2021: Euro laundries and mudrooms

The laundry room is not the most exciting place in the house, but it can be one of the most functional. This purely utilitarian space serves a very important role in your home. It’s where you do the most mundane chores that are crucial to your daily living. 

Whether you love doing laundry (or not), it is crucial to give this space the right design and layout. It is easy to add in your new home design, but a tricky space to create during a renovation. Here, we look into the best ways to get a laundry room and how to make it visually appealing, comfortable, and functional.

This article takes you through the following topics: 

  • Euro laundry or a laundry behind the cupboard
  • Mudroom laundry
  • Key trends in laundry room design

Both Euro laundry and mudroom laundry designs could work in small and large spaces, so decide on how big your laundry room is going to be, then work closely with a designer to come up with a laundry room that looks great and functions well.

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Laundry room trends 2021: Euro laundries and mudrooms
Image credit: Laminex

Euro laundries

The European style laundry is the most compact, yet an effective space-saving solution for a laundry. Despite being smaller this style doesn’t sacrifice functionality or aesthetics. They are a great solution for homes tight on space, or where the laundry may need to be included in the bathroom or off the kitchen. 

If finding space for your laundry at home is a challenge, consider building a European laundry instead. This is basically a laundry tucked away in a cupboard when not in use. The doors used are usually pocket, concertina, bi-fold, or sliding barn doors like this one:

Laundry room trends 2021: Euro laundries and mudrooms
Image credit: DigDigs

This is not the only version of a Euro laundry. Some interpretations feature a hidden washer and dryer in a kitchen cupboard like this: 

Laundry room trends 2021: Euro laundries and mudrooms
Image credit: DigDigs

Some versions put the washer and dryer sit in the bathroom vanity cabinets like these:

Laundry room trends 2021: Euro laundries and mudrooms
Image credit: DigDigs

Why combine the laundry with the bathroom or kitchen:

  1. The laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom are considered wet areas. Plumbing and waterproofing will be easier when you squeeze the washer and dryer in either the bathroom or kitchen.
  2. It is very practical and cost-efficient. 
  3. If you are building a new home, having the wet areas near each other can help you save money on construction.
  4. It is space-saving and makes the kitchen or bathroom more functional. Euro laundries don’t take up an entire room, which is fantastic when you live in smaller homes and apartments. 

Mudroom Laundry

The mudroom laundry is perfect for those with larger homes or homes with additional space to play with. However, mudrooms can vary in size and work for both smaller and larger areas. 

More than just an area dedicated to washing clothes, a mudroom acts as a multipurpose utility area that offers additional bonuses such as:

  • An airing cupboard
  • A cupboard to store cleaning products and appliances
  • A place to hang clothes and store boots and hats
  • Some accommodate bench seating 
  • Some offer a place to shower or bathe a pet!
Laundry room trends 2021: Euro laundries and mudrooms
Image credit: DigDigs

Mudroom & laundry combo

A mudroom laundry is one of the most sought-after construction projects of homeowners nowadays. This is gaining popularity because of the following reasons: 

  1. Homeowners nowadays want a dedicated drop zone in their homes where they can leave their clothes and other items they used outside. Families do this for sanitation purposes and to prevent the spread of the virus inside their home.
  2. More people are returning to work from the office and resuming a busier lifestyle. Having a laundry area in the mudroom will give them the opportunity to do laundry just before they go and as they come home from work.
  3. Homeowners are investing in extra storage and the mudroom is the perfect place to store your shoes, bags, hats, and scarves so these don’t clutter up your closet. 

With these in mind, we want to present you with the trending features that you can have in your combined laundry and mudroom space. May these laundry design ideas help you in your journey of reinventing your laundry room this year:

laundry room
image credit: timber trails development

Laundry design trends (2021-2022)

Many of the laundry room design trends of 2021 get carried over to 2020. Homeowners still like and prefer the following looks: 

Trending colours and paint choices

  • Homeowners still love palettes that feature the colours of nature. Get inspiration from the sky, the ocean, your garden, and the Great Australian landscapes. There are lots of colours to explore; choose the ones that you like and feel comfortable having for quite some time. 
  • Homeowners also prefer ‘warm' pastel shades these days. These are homey, comforting, and easy on the eyes.
laundry room
Image credit: kelsey leigh design co

Trending tapware, fixtures, and finishes

  • Deep wash basins, ideally from stainless steel and paired with sleek stainless steel taps
  • Massive farmhouse sinks paired with a classic three-piece tapware
  • Large-format tile splashbacks 
  • Durable benchtop materials with faux stone vein prints
  • Surfaces with anti-microbial properties (e.g. Corian)

Earthy, natural building materials

  • Similar to the bathroom and kitchen trends, homeowners will adore laundry rooms that bring elements of the outdoors into the room. The use of natural stone, timber, and wallpaper with bold biophilic patterns will also trend this year.

Smart home technology

  • Convenient washer and dryer machine that you can control using your smart phone or home tablet
  • Space saving skinny washer and dryer models 
  • Touch-free tapware technology
laundry room
image credit: lauren smyth design

Custom storage

You can never have enough storage at home, especially in your laundry and mudroom area. Building a custom storage area is a great for maximising space. 

Below are some useful storage elements to consider: 

  • Tallboy cupboards to make use of vertical height and for storing your vacuum, broom, mop, and your full-sized ironing board
  • Rails for hanging clothes
  • Cubbies 
  • Cabinets 
  • Full-length drawers
  • Folding racks
  • Matching baskets
  • Coat hooks

The goal is to keep things out of sight so you don’t become  overwhelmed by clutter.

Tips for designing your laundry room

  • Always balance aesthetics and function.
  • Place your laundry in a very practical spot inside the house.
  • Plan the layout before shopping for fixtures and fittings. These minute details should suit the bigger picture. 

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