Best and most practical homes designs for a narrow block

If you can’t build horizontally, build vertically!
narrow block home designs, building designer
Image credit: Atelier rzlbd

In our previous blog, we talked about building homes with acreage in rural areas. Here, let’s dive into the other side of the coin: building homes in narrow blocks near the central business districts. We’ll also show you some great examples of narrow lot home designs, the advantages of building this, the desirable design features to have in the final plans, and how you are going to fit a lovely home on unusually-shaped sites.

narrow block home designs, building designer
Image credit: Atelier rzlbd

Advantages of narrow block homes

Narrow block home designs are the most sought after design solution of people who are planning to build on a piece of land inside the city or in the surrounding suburbs. The advantages of building this kind of structure are:

  • More affordable land – Most of the land available for sale in the major cities and surrounding suburbs measures a little over 12.5 metres wide. These skinny blocks are a result of subdividing existing lots. Land owners do this to reduce the prices of land so it appeals to more potential buyers. With the money saved from buying a smaller lot, you can realign your funds towards a better home design plus upgrades to make the home extra special.
  • More value from the property – If you can’t build horizontally, build vertically! In a parcel of land that’s around 12.5 metres wide, you can build a two to three-storey house that’s only 10 metres wide. Due to the limited width, building a home on narrow blocks requires clever building methods and structural designs to maximise the available square footage. 
  • Lower footprint – Occupying a smaller area than conventional houses, some clever narrow block home designs require fewer building materials and less work. Make your home more eco-friendly by using green and sustainable building materials.
  • Lower landscaping costs – Working with a very limited square footage, the outdoor living space of many narrow home designs is reserved for creating porches and patios. More hardscaping means lower landscaping costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs – It is also cheaper to maintain alfresco areas than the grassed areas. Having smaller lawns in the front and backyards means less water is spent on gardening. The maintenance of outdoor areas is considerably reduced as well.
narrow block home designs, building designer
Image credit: Galeria Arquitetos

Building a home in a small lot that’s close to the city and in popular suburbs can still be expensive, especially when you’re eyeing  to build a three-storey structure. There are many factors that affect the overall cost of building the house

narrow block building designer
Image credit: Destination Living AU

Your lifestyle when you choose to live close to the city and in popular suburbs is also an advantage. It is great because:

  • You are in close proximity to retail shops, public transport, hospitals, schools, parks, malls, airports, and other amenities.
  • You are exposed to much more career and business opportunities.
  • Less upkeep and maintenance efforts means more free time. 

Features that you’d like to see in a narrow home

As mentioned above, building a tall home in a narrow block of land requires ingenious design ideas and structural engineering. 

If you are planning to design and build one for your family, consider adding these design elements:

  • High ceilings – Increase the distance between the floor and the ceiling. Spaces with high ceilings create a larger feeling on its own.
narrow block home designs, building designer
Image credit: Donald Chong Studio
  • Indoor-outdoor space – Create more livable spaces and make the most of the available square footage. Indoor-outdoor spaces are great for entertaining friends and family. This way, they won’t feel squeezed inside the house.
narrow block home designs, building designer
Image credit: Phil Harris from Troppo Architects
  • Massive and energy-efficient floor-to-ceiling windows – Allow as much natural light into your home as possible, but choose window solutions that will not excessively heat up the home every summer.
  • Skylights and roof windows – This is an innovative way to draw the light down into the lower levels of the house. Skylights, when used right, are energy-efficient too.
narrow block home designs, building designer
Image credit: YUUA Architects
rooftop terrace building designer
Image credit: Terra Firma design

With these ideas, you too can build your dream home that’s near the city! You may not have acres and acres of land to work with, but nonetheless, these features will make a small but tall home a dream property.

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