8 January 2019

Start the Year Right with these Decluttering Tips from Our Designers

Achieve a clean, fresh, and nice home interiors when you follow these tips!
Start the Year Right with these Decluttering Tips from Our Designers

You might find decluttering and organising your home exhausting. Can’t argue with that. Sorting through years and decades worth of accumulated items at home is a tough challenge. Going your through cabinets and drawers takes up time and energy. Letting go of the items you’ve had for so long is not always easy. Above all, arranging all your remaining stuff in a systematic way is a pretty daunting task. If you need help, read our decluttering tips below. Take our advice seriously and you will see that it truly works.

What’s your game plan?

Nobody wants to drown in a sea of clutter. Before you take on a year’s worth of accumulated stuff (or more), you need to establish a game plan… A system and a strategy that won’t drain your energy and won’t eat much of your time.

Some of the questions to help you get started:

How do you plan to get rid of your unused and unwanted items?

Are you going to do this by room or in one go?

What’s your system? How do you decide which items to keep and let go?

Who’s around to help you? Unless you plan to do this alone (which is fine too).

Make sure you have a clear plan before you start this project. When you have a system to follow, execution is easier.

Try the ‘box method

You’ve probably heard this before. In fact, this is the easiest method to declutter. First, prepare three large boxes or containers. These are for the items that you will keep, throw out, or donate. Label each box accordingly.

That’s the easy part.

The hard part is determining the items that you will let go. The next tip will help you.

Understand that letting go is a part of the process

It’s not easy to give up something that we had for a long period of time. Most people hold on to the memories which give it sentimental value. That attachment keeps us from moving on to something better.

Consider the six-month rule

According to this rule, you must throw away or donate the items that you haven’t used for the last six months. Donate the things in good condition. If the item is broken and beyond repair, throw it in the trash box.

Think about recycling and upcycling items as well. Take trash like plastic, paper, and metal to recycling plants. Or, you can do little DIY projects to reuse them at home (e.g. plastic bottles into plant pots).

Separate the items you can sell

You might find valuable items like antiques and old toys when you declutter your home. If you can’t keep them, sell them! Set up a garage sale in front of your house or put them up for sale online. Try to make money out of them. Then, donate the items that didn’t sell to charity.

Learn the KonMari Method

If you have time, read Marie Kondo’s books about tidying up or watch her reality show on Netflix. She will inspire you to organise your stuff!

Anyway, the KonMari method is simple. Pick up an item then ask yourself if it brings you joy. If not, let go of the item. Sell it, donate it to charity, or hand it down to somebody who needs it.

Clean as you go

Prepare all the boxes, trash bags, rags, and cleansers that you will need for this project. Clean your storage as you sort out your belongings.


The best thing that you can do is to inject a little fun in a serious task. Turn up the music to lighten the mood. Take short breaks when you need one. Drink water to hydrate yourself. And when the job is done, treat yourself. Eat a nice meal, watch a good movie, or avail a home service massage.

Involve your housemate or family

It’s okay to ask for help when the job turned out to be bigger than you imagined. Involve the whole family in the process! Assign tasks to each one or ask them to declutter their own rooms.

If you a housemate, ask for their help.


We hope these tips make decluttering less stressful for you. It’s hard, but it’s worth it in the end. You will realize how rewarding it is when you see a clean and organised house.

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