4 elements of Nordic interiors that you will adore

It boasts its prominent and minimalist beauty. No wonder many people are still in love with Scandinavian design
nordic interiors How the Modern Scandinavian Style House Evolved 3 Cool & Lovely Interiors that are as Popular as Mid-Century Modern Design
Scandinavian apartment with white walls, parquet floors, and other heavenly décor.

As designers, we have a lot of good things to say about Nordic interiors or what you know as Scandinavian design. Many Australians adore its ‘chic minimalist’ look and how it gives homes an overall airy feel. 

Lately, there are a lot of homeowners who want to redecorate and embrace this interior style. They search for design inspiration online and download photos from the internet. However, it’s not easy to copy or bring these design inspirations to life. 

nordic interiors

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled the design elements and the defining factors that make up Nordic interiors so you too can re-create this style in your own home.

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Use neutral and muted colours

When you look at Nordic interiors, you’ll find a lot of neutrals and subdued colours. The colour scheme consists of lovely shades of white, grey, black, and brown combined with subtle colours. Interiors with these colour combinations create a relaxing and comfortable ambience. 

In this Nordic style nursery, the walls are white to accentuate the pastel-coloured appliances and furniture pieces.

Here, the walls are pastel pink:

nordic interiors

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Furnish the room with simple but functional pieces

Mid-century modern furniture is perfect for Nordic interiors. These furniture pieces feature simple designs, clean lines, and has a classic feel.

Of course, you need to arrange these furniture pieces accordingly to ensure smooth traffic. You want your space to be efficient and comfortable.

nordic interiors

For storage, opt for open shelves and cabinets with glass fronts. Organise, so the room looks neat and tidy at all times.

Forget about carpets

Opt for polished or whitewashed timber floors instead of laying a carpet. Blonde timber floors make your home feel homely and spacious. Polished floors reflect light nicely too.

When timber floors are not part of your option, consider white tiles or grey plastered floors.

Keep window treatments and decorations to a minimal

Leave the windows bare to allow daylight to come into the rooms and brighten the space. You can decorate the window but use a thin curtain. It is vital to give your space a constant source of fresh air and natural light.

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