Next-level open kitchen designs if you have a small kitchen space

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Everyone dreams of owning a spacious house where you can move freely and do anything. However, this doesn’t mean that having a small house should limit your creativity. Having less space means you need to be extra creative and think of ways to maximize your limited space. 

One of the best ways to do this is by going for an open plan layout. If you love cooking, this article is for you because it will tackle some fantastic open kitchen designs you can explore to make the most out of your limited space. 

Advantages of an open plan kitchen

Open kitchen designs can help improve family life because it makes socializing with other family members easier. You can communicate with family members in other areas of your house like the dining room or the living room. 

An open layout kitchen gives an illusion of spaciousness, making it ideal for small houses. You can move freely from the kitchen to another area like the dining room or the living room. 


Disadvantages of an open plan kitchen

One of the challenges with open kitchen designs is the issue of compartmentalization. Without walls separating the kitchen from other living areas, the sounds and smells from the kitchen will spread to the other areas of your home. Try improving the ventilation in your kitchen to release unwanted odours outside before it reaches other areas.

If you have an existing closed kitchen, converting it to an open layout kitchen can present challenges when it’s time to remove the separating wall because it may affect the foundation of your house. You also need to take care of your new kitchen’s electrical wirings and plumbing requirements.  

Galley kitchen

A galley kitchen got its name from the kitchen you find on ships. Galley kitchens are also called corridor kitchens. They have long and narrow corridors running in the middle. A galley kitchen is excellent for houses with limited spaces because you can have the kitchen occupy one wall with the dining area occupying the other end. The narrow layout can help you maximize space because the preparation area, cabinets, sink, and stove are located on just one side of the room. 

Open kitchen with a statement splashback

A statement splashback is an excellent addition to an open kitchen because it acts as the focal point in the kitchen, especially if you have all your kitchen elements occupying one wall. Glass and laminate splashbacks are excellent alternatives to the usual tile splashbacks you see in most open kitchen designs. They protect your kitchen walls from stains and are easier to clean. They are healthier options because they are resistant to water and won’t promote the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. Glass also creates an illusion of more space.

Open kitchen storage options

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean limiting your storage options. One of the ways to get over the challenge of limited space is by utilizing every available inch of your kitchen wall. Open shelves are excellent options because you can stack more items on them since there are no doors to worry about. You can also easily see what’s on your open shelves to have an easier time finding the items or tools you need. Install high storage shelves if you have a high ceiling and use a rolling ladder to reach them when you need something. 

Open kitchen with multi-functional island

Adding a kitchen island is fantastic if you have the available space. A kitchen island gives you more preparation space and can double as a breakfast nook for informal meals. Put your kitchen island to good use by asking a building design expert to develop a multi-functional kitchen island. Add cabinets to your kitchen island to add more storage options. You can also have a kitchen island with a built-in stove and sink to let you cook several dishes simultaneously. 

Lighting tricks for open kitchens

You can get more out of open-plan kitchen designs by pairing them with proper lighting options that improve aesthetics while enhancing productivity. If you have a combined kitchen and dining room set-up, a crystal chandelier in the dining room can provide sufficient lighting to your kitchen for a dramatic flair while conserving electricity. Open plan kitchen designs can also benefit from wall-mounted or pendant lights to have a focused light source while preparing meals. Install LED strips underneath your kitchen shelves or cabinets to add some mood lighting to your kitchen. 


Open plan kitchens are excellent options for those with limited space but want a fully-functional space to prepare meals for their families. Although most of them are smaller than full-sized kitchens, there are ways to make open-plan kitchen designs look fantastic. You can use lighting tricks and make your kitchen more functional, so it doesn’t feel limiting. 

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