Marie Kondo’ing and Organising Your Shed and Garage

All the solutions you need to declutter your garage and shed because these areas need tidying up too.
Marie Kondo’ing and Organising Your Shed and Garage
Credits: Uptown Real Estate

Last year’s lockdowns forced many people to stay indoors and work from home, which was okay until we realised that working in a cluttered and disorganised place demotivates us and makes it difficult for us to function. 

That being said, decluttering should be one of the activities you do to jumpstart the year. Start eliminating all the clutter that annoys, distracts, and stresses you out. Without clutter, your home will become a more enjoyable place to live in. 

Now, this process shouldn’t stop after decluttering the most visited rooms in your house (e.g. kitchen, pantry, living room, bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathrooms). You need to tidy up the garage and shed too.

organising your shed and garage
Credits: Uptown Real Estate

Organising your shed and garage can be especially challenging, as these areas tend to become ‘dumping grounds’ over the years. 

These areas are often neglected; rarely cleaned and organised until it’s impossible to get in and use them for their intended purpose. 

It’s okay, we’ve all been there at some stage! Here, we will guide you in the process of decluttering and organising your shed and garage. Watch out for several ingenious ways that can help you free up space and reinvent these areas: 

Part 1: Decluttering your shed and garage

Decluttering your shed and garage should be easy since these can be full of old, obsolete, or broken junk. 

If you have a shed with a carport, focus on decluttering the shed and maximise that space for storage. 

If you have a garage and want to reclaim space for your car you will need to create some smart storage solutions. 

It could take one morning or one weekend, depending on the amount of stuff you have to sort through. You can also declutter in small chunks every day, in case you found it hard to decide what to keep and what to let go. 

Marie Kondo’ing and Organising Your Shed and Garage

How to start decluttering

  1. Decide on a logical and orderly way of going through your things.
  2. Set aside boxes and label them with keep, donate, and sell. Prepare a lot of rubbish bags for the trash or recycling also. Enlist the help from family and friends. The more hands-on deck for you in this project, the faster you’ll finish decluttering. They may offer the support you need to let go of things. 
  3. Be strict when deciding on the items you want to keep. Moving on from past possessions may be hard, but it’s necessary to make room for the future.
  4. Think about fixing things and upcycling them. You might find old cupboards or a chair that needs new upholstery. You can use these in your new shed or garage. 
  5. Once the garage/shed is empty, give it a good sweep and wipe all the dust away. Dispose of all the trash responsibly. 
  6. Conduct a garage sale or sell items online.
  7. Organise the items you want to donate before sending them to your chosen charity, community centre, or institution. 

After decluttering your shed and garage, you will be surprised by how much space you have that’s been hidden under piles of clutter. You will feel a great sense of achievement too. 

Now, it’s time to move on to the harder phase: organising your garage and shed.

organising your shed and garage
Credits: Uptown Real Estate

Part 2: Organising your shed and garage

Organising your shed and garage requires a system that supports the function of the space. It’s about sorting the items you’ve decided to keep in a logical way. They should be arranged depending on how frequently you use them

Here are the important rules to remember:

  • Most-used items should be visible and easy to access.
  • The things you use once or twice a year should be stored up high and require a ladder. 
  • Toxic chemicals must be hidden from plain sight and out of reach of children. 
  • Heavy items must be stored safely down below. 

You also need a system that helps you find things in your shed and garage. Zone or group items together based on their use. This makes the garage and shed easier to navigate. Labelling is also a must. It’s nice to know where to get something when you need them and where to put it back after use. 

organising your shed and garage
Credits: TIDBITS Planners

Staying organised after a major decluttering is an important issue to address during this time as well. You want to make sure that the garage and shed storage stays organised for a long period of time. To do that, storing items must be a ‘one-hand operation’. 

Here are some smart and useful organisation ideas to avoid having another disorganised  garage:

Useful organisation ideas

1. Use shelves as storage

Shelves are the best form of storage in a garage. Any type of shelf will work: freestanding, fixed, wall-mounted, or built-n. You can even reuse an old shelf you already have at home!

However, if you are storing things like dog food here, we highly recommend using a tiered shelf. This way, you’ll easily see when you're running low on supplies. Everyday items such as rugs and tissue papers can be kept here as well.

organising your shed and garage
Credits: Just a Girl blog

2. Build a rack for long tools

Garden tools like forks, rakes, spades, brooms, and hoes are better stored vertically, like this:

organising your shed and garage
Credits: The Owner-Builder Network Co.

3. Hang tools on hooks

Use hooks to maximise the wall space and store your tools. Try to replicate the vibe of a hardware store.

organising your shed and garage
Credits: A Beautiful Mess blog

4. Reclaim the ceiling and wall space

Make use of vertical space. Build cupboards or install sturdy metal racks above for storing seasonal items, or that bike that you only use in the summer. 

organising your shed and garage
Credits: I Heart Organizing blog

5. Creative tool wall

If you are a handyman and you have a lot of tools, displaying them in a classic tool board like the one below is a great idea. Here, the owner traced the tools with a marker so he knows where each tool is supposed to be.

organising your shed and garage

You can also use pegboards to create a flexible tool board.

Credits: Andrew McCull via Good Housekeeping

If you have an old knife magnet, you can reuse it as a tool holder on the wall. 

organising your shed and garage
Credits: James Angus via Good Housekeeping

6. Roll your  hoses on a wall hanger

Use a hose hanger to coil and secure your garden hose. Upcycling an old car wheel is a great alternative, in case you have one and you don’t want to buy a hose hanger. 

via Pinterest, Shutterstock

7. Make sports stuff accessible

If you have an active family who loves playing sports, dedicate a storage area for your equipment. Display your soccer ball, basketball, football, bungee cords, jump ropes, baseball bats, etc. 

organising your shed and garage
via Flickr

8. Store items in identical containers

This is a cool hack to achieve a cleaner and more organized look. Make sure to label every box to avoid second-guessing in the future

organising your shed and garage
Credits: A Bowl Full of Lemons blog

9. Take down counters, unless you need them for your work or hobby

Counters or any flat surface is a ‘drop zone’ and a clutter hotspot. To avoid piles of stuff, make it a habit to put things away after using them. 

organising your shed and garage
Credits: Uptown Real Estate

These are some of our tips for organising your shed and garage storage, and we hope you found them useful. As long as you maintain these, these will save you the trouble of reorganising later.

How decluttering and organising your shed and garage will make meaningful changes to your home

Decluttering, cleaning, and organising your shed and garage might not be the most exciting thing to do on a weekend, but it will be worth it. 

When you free up your shed and garage, you will discover the space that you have taken for granted in the past. You will have the opportunity to use this valuable real estate for more important things, such as; 

  • A safe place to park your car, and you will extend the life of the vehicle because it’s not exposed to the elements. 
  • Room to tinker. You will have a place where you can build and fix things. 
  • None of your tools will be lost when you need them because you will know where to find them. 

Making these meaningful changes to the home will also help improve your wellbeing and the home's liveability. It's reassuring to know you have a home that's functioning well and looking great.

And, you will never ever feel embarrassed to show your shed and garage to your guests again. You may even let them in there and offer your parking space when you visit! 

See? It’s beneficial to declutter and organise your shed and garage. This is not only about tidying things up. This is you taking control of your home — and you are not letting clutter take over again.

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