These outdoor blinds and shades can amplify the look of your home

Discover these outdoor blinds and outdoor shade solutions from various Australian suppliers.
outdoor blinds
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Are you the type of homeowner who enjoys outdoor living and entertaining? Do you want to make your outdoor space more comfortable and usable all through the summer? If so, shopping for outdoor blinds and outdoor shading solutions should be in your to-do list. 

Purchasing outdoor blinds and shade systems is easy, but you need to assess your choices before you buy. 

Here, we present to you the different types of outdoor blinds and shade systems and where you can purchase them in Australia:  

Best exterior blinds and shades for your outdoor spaces

The items below will: 

  • Keep your outdoor space shady, not dark.
  • Make your outdoor space cool and comfortable
  • Protect the floor and furniture from premature deterioration and fading
  • Block the strong winds and rain
  • Maintain the flow of cooling breezes, and
  • Make your outdoor space private, when needed

Outdoor roller shades

Got a porch? Consider purchasing exterior roller shades with powerful light filtering capabilities. These outdoor roller shades from Coolaroo covers this porch to shield you from the sun and to give you privacy.

Verandah blinds

These blinds work great in spacious outdoor areas with handrails and balustrades. It turns your open outdoor space into a shelter without blocking 99% of the sunlight.

Check out this one from BSA Direct Sunshine Coast. It encloses the top half of the outdoor dining area, making it more private. This is a one way type of verandah blind,  it allows you to see out but the outsiders can’t see through.


External verandah blinds also protect outdoor furniture and timber flooring against harmful UV rays, preventing premature fading and deterioration.

outdoor shade

Got no railings? These external verandah blinds from South Side Security Doors can extend down to the floor. This blocks the extreme summer sun and keeps the outdoor space cool and usable during the day. 

outdoor shade

Most verandah blinds are pulled down and spring locked to the rails, balustrade, saddles, hooks, or bungee cords.

Clear plastic PVC blinds

Also known as patio blinds, these are ideal for enclosing outdoor entertainment areas in your verandah, balcony, and pergolas. It protects your outdoor space from the elements and adds additional insulation. 

Take a look at these patio blinds from Coolabah Shades. The blinds join together and form a barrier against strong winds, rain, and glare. 

patio cover

The brand Bistro Blinds offer these in clear and tinted variants. The tinted  option offers more protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

bistro blinds

Awning with folding arms

A retractable awning with folding arms is perfect in your indoor-outdoor area. It acts as a fabric roof, providing shade that keeps your outdoor entertainment space cool under the sun. Here’s an example from Luxaflex. This model tucks away in its compact slimline headbox when not in use.

outdoor shade
outdoor shade

Awnings with pivot arms

This awning, on the other hand, is more suitable for elevated verandahs and windows on the second floor of the house. 

Here’s an example of a pivot arm awning used in a Queenslander home in Brisbane. Blinds Plus Awnings Australia installed these to keep that area of the house cool, especially during Brisbane’s harsh summers.


Hire a Brisbane-based building designer.

Patio and poolside umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas, like this from Malibu Shade, provides a flexible shade in your outdoor space. It is the easiest way to shade your outdoor area and glam it up for a resort-like vibe.

cantilever umbrella

Best exterior window treatments

Some window treatments were designed for exterior applications. These aim to block direct sunlight from entering the house through the windows and heating the interior rooms. Putting outdoor blinds on your windows will:

  • Allow you to open the windows and let the house breathe 
  • Keep your home interiors cool
  • Cut your electricity bill and save money, and 
  • Keep your carpets and furniture in pristine condition

Here are your top choices:

Roll-up outdoor blinds

These are the easiest and most straightforward way to protect the windows from direct sunlight. Installing roll-up outdoor blinds is a DIY project too. This model from Windoware Australia is made from mesh and provides a decent amount of shade.

outdoor blinds

Retractable window blinds

For more protection, opt for retractable outdoor blinds. These beautiful canvas sunblinds from Shadewell Awnings and Blinds in Melbourne effectively block out up to 80% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. These outdoor blinds are also water-resistant and wind-proof. 

window blinds
outdoor blinds

Retractable outdoor blinds with designs (e.g. stripes) like the one above look great and add to the home’s kerb appeal. It is really obvious. If you want something more discreet, opt for simple designs like this from Windoware Australia:

outdoor blinds

Exterior Venetian blinds

These are probably the most quintessential form of window treatment. It can be lowered and raised, and the slats can be tilted. 

Here is another example from Draper. They installed exterior blinds covering the massive windows, which keeps the room cool and private.

outdoor blinds

Helioscreen Australia provides the same product, but in here, they used the outdoor blinds to block direct sunlight from the glazed doors of the house. Consider this for your indoor-outdoor area:

outdoor blinds
outdoor blinds

Shades for Life Australia also installed exterior Venetian blinds to keep the glazed walls of  this bedroom private, and to protect it from the harsh sun when needed.

outdoor blinds
outdoor blinds
outdoor blinds

Are you buying outdoor blinds and shades?

You already know your choices. You can imagine which ones will work for you and will look great for your outdoor space. 

However, before calling the suppliers and rushing out to buy the item, it’s best to talk to your building designer first. Discuss how these outdoor blinds and shade systems affect the kerb appeal of your home. Ask if they will be the right style for your home, and confirm if the outdoor blinds and shade systems that you want will address the needs of your home. 

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