Home Renovation Series: Outdoor Renovation – design ideas, tips, and more

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Outdoor Renovation

Although homeowners think about indoor spaces like the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms when planning renovations, it is also essential to spruce up outdoor areas. These areas are the first things guests and neighbours notice right away, so you may want to make them presentable. If you’re planning outdoor renovations and have no idea where to start, then you will find this article helpful. In this piece, Superdraft will share some fantastic outdoor renovation ideas to improve your home and make it more liveable.

Types of outdoor renovation that can add value to your home

Although most home renovation projects aim to embellish and make spaces more functional, it is also important for these projects to add value to your home. Even if you are not planning to sell your home soon, you should strive to make your house more valuable. Here are some outdoor renovation ideas that can make your home more valuable and attractive to buyers: 

Adding a patio A patio adds value to a home because it increases your family’s liveable space. It is a perfect place to entertain guests, especially if you have limited time to spruce up your living room.

Outdoor Renovation

Adding a deck – Many confuse decks and patios, but they are different from each other. Patios are often made of concrete and are on the ground, while decks are often made of wood and are on the second floor of houses. Like a patio, a deck gives you more liveable space and is great for entertaining guests. If your house is in a picturesque area, a deck gives you an excellent vantage point for enjoying the surrounding view. 

Outdoor Renovation

Building an outdoor kitchen – Outdoor kitchens are perfect for growing families whose kitchens are too small for their needs. They are excellent for hosting dinners and can help you prevent kitchen odours from spreading to your indoor spaces. 

Outdoor Renovation

Renovating the garden – Renovating your garden is an excellent outdoor renovation project because a lush and blooming garden can make your property more appealing. A garden can help provide your family with fresh and clean air and gives you an idyllic outdoor space for holding parties. 

Adding a fire pit Fire pits are excellent additions if you live in an area with a cold climate because you can easily keep your family warm during cold nights.


Refreshing the house façade – The façade of your house is the first thing people notice, so you might want to consider refreshing it when it starts looking tired or outdated. You can give it a fresh coat of paint, replace your awnings, or renovate your roof

Adding an outdoor shade – If your family loves the outdoors, then adding an outdoor shade is an excellent outdoor renovation project. You can build structures like pergolas, canopies, or awnings if you want to shield your family from the harsh sunlight while spending time outdoors.  

Adding a pool – Adding a pool is one of the best ways to increase the value of a house. Pools are great for the entire family to cool down during hot summer days. You can also save money by holding a pool party instead of renting an expensive party venue.  

pool area

Outdoor renovation tips

Think functionality

When thinking of renovation ideas, prioritize renovations that are functional and can benefit your entire family. Although some renovations aim to improve aesthetics, it is better to go for renovations that make your outdoor spaces more liveable because you are getting the most out of your renovation projects. 

deck with sitting area

Use lighting wisely

Proper lighting can add depth and height to home spaces, so you should use lighting properly during renovations. The proper selection and combination of lighting fixtures can have a dramatic effect and add beauty to spaces. 

Use textures

The right combination of textures can make spaces more attractive. You can add texture to the exterior walls of your house using stone slabs or wood accents. You can also use different textures in your garden by using rough concrete stepping stones to provide contrast with the soft green grass of your lawn. 

Outdoor Renovation

Be creative but don’t go overboard

Get as creative as possible during renovations to develop unique and eye-catching ideas. Unique ideas make your house interesting and can increase the value of your home. However, be mindful of going for too niche ideas because not many people may appreciate them. An expert home designer or draftsman can help you develop renovation ideas if you’re having difficulty coming up with one. 

modern home facade

Simple is not always plain  

There are times when keeping it simple has the best effect. Simple renovation ideas are also often cheaper, making them ideal if you’re working on a limited budget. Simple outdoor renovation ideas like repainting the façade of your home, roof, or fence can produce great results without costing too much. 

Cost of each outdoor renovation type

Outdoor renovations require money, and it will be better if you have an idea of how much money you need to prepare before starting renovations. The costs listed below are rough estimates and can change depending on your location and the type of materials you will use. 

Adding a deck or patio – The cost of adding a patio or deck depends on the size of your deck or patio but expect to pay between $2,000 to $10,000. 


Repainting the exterior walls – Repainting exterior walls costs around $15 to $60 per square metre, depending on the material of your exterior walls. Concrete walls are cheaper to paint, while wooden walls are more expensive. Another factor that can affect the cost of repainting your walls is the height of your house since painters need additional tools when working on high walls. 

Constructing a pergola or outdoor shade – Adding a pergola to your home costs around $5,000 but can be more depending on the size of the pergola. If you are planning to add shade sails to your garden, you should expect to pay at least $1,000, depending on the size and materials you want to use. 

Landscaping your garden – Depending on the size of your garden and the type of decorations and plants you want to use, landscaping your garden or yard can cost around $5,000 to $50,000. 

Replacing your roof – Reroofing your house can set you back around $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the type of roof you currently have and the type of replacement. 

Adding a fire pit – Adding a fire pit to your house can cost you at least $200 for the basic fire pit. This cost can go up to around $2,000 if you want a custom fire pit. 

Constructing a pool – Constructing a pool costs around $7,000 to $75,000, depending on the size and type of pool. 

pool with deck

Adding an outdoor kitchen – The average cost of constructing an outdoor kitchen is around $7,000 to $15,000 but can reach as high as $50,000.

Top 5 outdoor renovation ideas you can try

Dress up your garden

Improving your garden is one of the best ways to impact how your property looks because it doesn’t require altering the foundation of your home, and you can complete the renovations over time. If you are working with a professional landscape designer, the expert can complete the renovations without affecting your family’s daily lives.

Start by improving your garden’s sprinkler system because it can help keep your garden lush and green. Having an effective sprinkler system can also make maintaining your garden effortless.

If you have a ragtag collection of plants, organize them, so they’re easier to care for. Group annuals to care for them separately. Plant perennials and flowering shrubs in different areas, so your garden has flowery spots all over instead of concentrating them in one area. It is also an excellent idea to maintain a section for herbs and vegetables to save you money and help your family maintain a healthy diet.

Once you have the green elements out of the way, concentrate on making your garden more functional. You can install paving stones to create a walkway to get around the garden without getting your feet dirty. This is also the time to work on constructing a pergola or installing a shade structure to help your family enjoy your garden without overexposing themselves to UV rays. 

Bring indoor spaces outdoors

Bringing indoor spaces like the living room, kitchen, or dining room is an excellent idea if you have limited indoor space. This idea allows you to create larger versions of your indoor spaces where you can entertain more guests. The larger space also allows your family to move conveniently. Working with an excellent design expert is paramount because this renovation idea requires the installation of additional plumbing and electrical systems. 

Another idea you can explore is extending living spaces outdoors by constructing a patio right beside your living room or kitchen. You can replace your old doors with bigger ones to have a large continuous space that allows you to use your old living spaces for your family’s daily needs while extending them during special occasions like parties. 

Get yourself a pool

This is an excellent renovation idea if you have a large yard or garden and want to make the most out of it. Having a pool allows your family to cool off during hot summer days without going to the local pool or travelling to the beach. 

This is an expensive renovation project, but you can manage the expenses depending on the size of the pool. You can also control the cost of your project by carefully selecting the pool materials you will use. Be sure to check with your local council to know more about pool construction regulations. For example, the Victoria Building Authority requires building permits for pool constructions to ensure that the pool is safe and has appropriate water circulation and filtration systems.  

Freshen up your house exteriors

As mentioned earlier, renovations don’t have to be too expensive. You can give your house a fresh coat of paint to make it look new. If you plan on repainting your house exteriors, choose a colour that is easy to maintain and looks great with the overall design of your house. Expert painters can add texture to your house exteriors to add character and make them more appealing.

You can add wall accents if you want something more substantial than repainting your exterior walls. Depending on your preference, you can use wood, stone, or metal wall accents for this renovation project. This is an excellent option because it completely transforms how your house looks from the outside. 

Another option is adding or replacing your awnings. In addition to enhancing how your house looks, adding awnings can help you save money by reducing your house’s heating and cooling requirements. Awnings also help protect your family from UV rays and heavy rain.

Replace your roof

Updating your roof is another renovation project that has many benefits. Your roof protects your family from the elements, so keeping it in top condition is paramount. Your roof can protect your home from water damage and help you preserve your furniture and appliances. If your roof is old and has started developing leaks, replacing it can help you save money in the long run. 

There are several options for roof replacements, and you can talk with a roofing expert to choose a type that will suit your house. You also have the option of adding other elements to upgrade your roof, like adding a skylight. If you have the budget, consider adding roof-mounted solar panels, especially if your house receives constant sunlight. You can recoup the money you spent on solar panels with the savings from having more affordable electrical bills. Be sure to consult a roofing expert before installing solar panels because they are heavy, and you need to make sure that the foundation of your home can support the additional weight.

Use Superdraft and get a free quote for your outdoor renovation project

Outdoor renovation projects are worthwhile investments because of their impact on how your property looks and your family lives. Because of the amount of money these projects may require, work with an expert building designer or draftsman to make the most out of your project.

Get in touch with Superdraft if you are eager to renovate your property but don’t know where to begin. We can connect you with an expert designer who will help you bring your ideas to life. Register to Superdraft today, and we will give you a free design quote so you have a better idea of how much your project may cost.

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