5 steps to a perfect outdoor workspace

Bask under the warm sun to boost productivity!

Many companies nowadays are embracing remote working setup, and due to this fact, many employees are busy creating their perfect office environment at home. Of course, setting up a dedicated home office is the first thing you should do, but what if you need a quick change of scenery? Are you open to building an outdoor workspace so you can switch things up?

An outdoor workspace would do wonders for your health, focus, productivity, and motivation. Designing and building this requires a lot of preparation.

Here are some tips to remember:

home office
outdoor workspace

Step 1: Engage a draftsman and builders for the job

Building an outdoor workspace is comparable to building a granny flat or a shed within your property. 

First, call your local council to ask about the current and relevant planning regulations. It is a great idea to build a dedicated outdoor workspace, but the planning regulations and local government schemes control what you can and can't do.

Next, you need to engage design and construction professionals for the job. For a custom project like this, you will need the services of a draftsman for the working drawings, then find builders who specialise in building outdoor structures. 

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outdoor workplace, backyard home office
Backyard office setup with a receiving area for clients.
Image credit: Malgosia Janicka Photography

Step 2: Incorporate daylighting in your design

Tell your draftsman to make your outdoor office well-lit during the day whilst staying protected from the elements. Custom work enables you to request these helpful design ideas. 

Why is daylighting essential to your outdoor office design?

  1. You get to kick start your day with a healthy dose of vitamin D.
  2. You get to save money on power because the early morning sunlight brightens and heats the space naturally. 

Step 3: Install acoustics

Nothing beats a quiet outdoor workplace. A simple installation of wall and ceiling acoustic panels is enough to block outside noise and keep all work sounds inside the office. 

outdoor workplace, backyard home office
Acoustic glass helps reduce the noise coming from and inside the office.
Image credit: Malgosia Janicka Photography

Step 4: Establish a relaxing spot

Give the area surrounding your outdoor office some love and function. Keep the space open so you have room for a quick workout. Place your favourite gym equipment there to inspire you and remind you every day.

Exercising reduces one's stress and boosts one's mood. So when the going gets tough at work, please take a quick break and sweat it off! A burst of physical activity will improve your productivity.

Of course, grow a garden around your outdoor office. There are so many benefits of having views of nature and plants around us while working. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Boosting of productivity
  • Better air quality
  • More attractive workspace
  • Reduces ill health
  • Reduction in noise levels
  • Boosting of creativity
outdoor workplace, backyard home office
Pathways going to and from the office inspires you to walk.
Image credit: Malgosia Janicka Photography

Step 5: Make your outdoor workspace  inspirational 

For added inspiration while working outdoors, we highly recommend:

1. Playing productivity music

Play the music that gets you worked up during work hours. Of course, things like this are personal. Make sure your office has excellent acoustics to avoid disturbing the neighbours. 

2. Displaying art 

Hang and display art that speaks to you, inspires you, and encourages you to be better every day. Art is also personal, so go with what works for you and incorporate it into your outdoor workspace. It could be a painting, a sculpture, or something creative that you or a special someone has created for you. 

outdoor workplace, backyard home office
Design inspiration for your outdoor workspace.
Image credit: Malgosia Janicka Photography

Why build an outdoor workspace?

Working from home is not far from working in an office. There are days when you feel like you can take on anything; there are times when you need a little push. Having an outdoor workspace gives you an option to be out in the open and expose yourself to nature. In addition, it kills boredom and boosts your productivity when needed! Writer's tip: If you can’t arrange an outdoor workspace, you can consider working from coworking spaces. Apart from the change of scenery, you also meet new people too!

Other outdoor workspace designs to inspire you

If you're looking for other design inspirations apart from office sheds, here are unique outdoor workspace designs that you can install in your property:

temporary outdoor office set-up
image credit: steelcase.com
outdoor workspace set up
image credit: extremis
temporary mini outdoor workspace set-up
image credit: today.com
casual al fresco workspace set-up
image credit: mysiteplan
image credit: beeldcollectief
outdoor working space with roofing
image credit: extremis
image credit: extremis

Written by Architect Ashley Anderson. Minor edits have been made to suit Superdraft’s readers and customers.

Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson

I am an architect specialising in new construction projects.

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