Pedestal or cabinet sink? Which is best for your bathroom?

Confused which type of sink suits your bath? We’ll tell help you choose between a pedestal or cabinet sink.
Pedestal or Cabinet Sink? Which is Best for Your Bathroom?

When building or renovating a bathroom, you want to make the correct design choices. For one, you need to pick a sink. The pedestal is simply beautiful and space-saving. Meanwhile, a vanity offers style and storage. Torn between a pedestal or cabinet sink? Here are some tips to help you choose the one that suits your needs:

When to choose a pedestal sink

A pedestal sink is straightforward. It has two parts namely the basin and the stand/pedestal. This type of sink is usually made out of ceramics and work well when:

You have a tiny bathroom

Slim pedestal sinks suit small bathrooms because they don’t eat much floor space. You don’t need to install it on a chunky counter.

You can maintain it

Most homeowners struggle with maintaining their pedestal sinks. Before buying this sink, ask your supplier or the salesman to teach you how to attach and detach the pedestal. Watch tutorials on how to clean out the clogs and how to access the plumbing behind it. No worries, the sinks are mounted to the wall behind it so it won’t fall down.

You are a minimalist

People who practice minimalism usually don’t own a lot of toiletries. They don’t have much stuff stored in the bathroom as well. If you are one of them, then the pedestal sink is perfect for you.

Pro Tip

This type of sink works on both classic and contemporary bathrooms, so you have no problem with it design-wise.

However, make sure that your pedestal sink is proportional to the size of your bathroom. Make sure you have the dimensions before you go out and purchase one.

When installing the sink, make sure that there’s enough space around it. Use a faucet that matches your sink. To be sure, ask for recommendations or purchase from a single brand or collection.

When to choose a vanity cabinet sink

A vanity cabinet sink is more complex. You will need the base cabinet (with the right dimensions), a splash-friendly countertop, and a sink. This is right for you if:

You have a spacious bathroom

Vanities are capacious. These require more floor space as compared to pedestal sinks. Make sure your bathroom has ample space.

To be sure, consider a custom-built vanity.

You prefer a low-maintenance bath

Unlike pedestals, you don’t need to dismantle a vanity every time you clean it or fix the plumbing. All you need to do is open the base cabinet.

Apart from storage, the base cabinet hides the plumbing and other eyesores (e.g. damaged walls)

You need to build a bathroom for your family

In this case, you need extra storage for toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, and more.

Pro Tip

Build yourself a stylish vanity cabinet which matches your bathroom’s style.


Choosing your bathroom sink is about two things: your style and the space available. Plan yours well and you will enjoy this for a long period of time.

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