Perth home buyers prefer sustainable new homes

The research discovered that 46% of the home buyers in Perth are willing to pay for sustainable home designs.
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Researchers from Curtin University found out that green home features influence the decision of homebuyers in Perth. The residents of the largest city in Western Australia nowadays prefer sustainable homes.

The research discovered that 46% of the home buyers in Perth purchased a design or a property because of its sustainable qualities such as lighting and water efficiency and renewable energy resources.

For them, solar systems and passively designed homes slash the cost of their power bills.

At present, about 63% of Australians want to live in sustainable homes. Experts project this number to increase as people become aware that sustainability cuts the cost of living.

Designers and builders are the perfect individuals to take advantage of this boom in the country's property market. Once draftspeople and building designers commit to designing sustainable homes, the market would have more options to introduce to this growing market.

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Building based on the Targets of Sustainable Structures

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