How to plan your home interior layout with a PRO

We’ve rounded up six steps to help you ensure your floor plan makes the most of your home's potential.
home interior layout

Planning your home interior layout might be the last but it is an essential part of the building process. Some homeowners choose to DIY this phase of their project, but to get a really good home layout, you need the expertise of an interior designer. If you are thinking about planning your home interior layout with the help of a pro, you are making the right decision. Here are some valuable tips that will help you work with an interior designer seamlessly: 

Familiarise yourself with the sizes of each room 

Planning your home interior space planning starts with an in-depth understanding of the space available. Get to know the measurements of each room plus the width of the doors and hallways. 

It is crucial to know the dimensions of every part of the house before you get for furniture pieces. This is to ensure that all the furniture pieces that you got, either custom-made of bought from the shop, fit in the room, and can be moved around.

How to plan your home interior with a PRO

Designate activities per area

It is very important to zone the house into different areas. Take a look at your floor plan and identify where the private and common areas are. The private area is where the home office and all the bedrooms should be located. The living room, dining area, and kitchen should be in the common areas. It would be nice to create access to the outdoor entertainment area here as well. 

Use furniture and decor to divide a large and open area, as seen in this photo: 

home interior layout

Set up a focal point in the room

A focal point is the centre of interest or activity in a room. It could be a lovely window view, an art, or a piece of furniture. 

The focal point of the room must be the most prominent design element in the room. It could be the largest object, the brightest one, or the most colourful one. 

It is possible to have two focal points in a room, but one of them should be more conspicuous, and avoid placing them side by side on the same wall/corner. 

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Position the biggest and star furniture in the room first

In the bedroom, prioritise the placement of the bed. In the dining room, prioritise the placement of the dining table set. The furniture that supports the main activity in each room should be placed first. It could be the focal point of the room. 

home interior layout

Check the proportion 

Configuring and placing the rest of the furniture pieces in each room is the next challenging task for you. 

Here, the proportion becomes very important. Be careful when using large furniture pieces in a small room — two or more will make the space feel cramped. Pay close attention to the proportion of furniture pieces and decorations. You don’t want an arrangement that looks off-balanced. Go symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on your taste and what your interior designer suggested. 

Pay attention to the foot traffic

Lastly, test whether the home interior layout enables you to move around the room uninterrupted. A good home interior layout never interferes with the foot traffic and supports the activities set to be done inside the room. 

When designing your living room, do not create a passage between the sofa and the television. It is inconvenient to watch TV when other people need to pass by every now and then. 

Leave enough space around the dining table to allow users to sit comfortably and move around the table with ease. 

home interior layout

Our final piece of advice: 

Planning your home interior layout and configuring furniture for each room is always better and easier with the help of home design professionals. When you are unsure of how to do things, a design professional can guide you through the right process. It always starts with an in-depth understanding of the space and how you plan to use it. A design professional can help you arrange comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

These are the most important interior design elements, according to designers.

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