4 major considerations when planning a walk-in closet

Functionality, aesthetics, and more about your walk-in closet.

Today's homeowners want a better way to store and organise their clothes, shoes, belts, ties, and jewellry. They want a better spot to get dressed and fix their appearance. These are the reasons why planning a walk-in closet is one of the most popular residential construction projects today.

Often considered as a luxury home feature, a walk-in closet is an enclosed storage space built next to the masters bedroom. It has its own door to secure all your belongings.

When planned properly, you will end up with a walk-in closet that's functional and aesthetically pleasing. You will maximise the space you have available and use it to its fullest potential. 

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

How big is your dream walk-in closet?

The size of your walk-in closet depends on the space available. Large or small, this is a room of its own.

Basic walk-in closets require about 2.5 × 1.5 metres of floor space, but you can go as big as 2.8 × 3 metres. In most renovation projects, the walk-in closet takes up the space allocated for the masters bedroom (or the adjacent room). So, before you finalise the size of your walk-in closet, think of how it will affect the adjoining rooms.

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Also, most master bedrooms have a private bath. In this case, consider building the walk-in closet near the bathroom. It will help you do your routines in an efficient and orderly manner. Here's a small en suite connected to the wardrobe:

planning a walk-n closet

What items and how many clothes do you plan to keep here?

Another thing that you need to do is decide on how many clothes and what other apparels that you will store in your walk-in closet. You need a list in order to plan the storage systems and the furniture pieces here.

Are you the type to keep shoes in your walk-in closet? You would need a special shelf for your shoes like this one:

planning a walk-in closet

You also need to consider building special compartments for your socks, gloves, watches, or other accessories.

Take a look at this cozy Hamptons style bedroom with a massive walk-in closet.

Planning for a Walk-in Closet

What are the furniture pieces you need?

Planning a big and spacious walk-in closet? Consider adding extra furniture pieces such as an ottoman, a dressing table, or even an island counter.

Like designing any other room, you need to arrange and place these furniture pieces on the right spot to improve the efficiency of the room.

Planning a Walk-in Closet

What is your preferred cabinet style?

Your cabinets are the primary concern in your walk-in closet. You need to decide on the design of your cabinet carefully. (e.g. how the cabinet doors look like, the door-type, either closed or open, and what materials to use to build the cabinetry).

You also need to think about the type of door that opens the walk-in closet. Are you going to use a sliding or a swinging door?

Feeling inspired to revamp your closet? Head to our inspiration gallery to see great design ideas!

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