How to Prioritise Home Projects After a Big Move

There's a LOT to fix! Are you ready to get started?

Moving house is just the beginning. There are lots of things to do after you’ve settled into your new house. You probably have a long list of home projects that you want to accomplish within a year… and it’s tempting to get started.

The question is… how and where do you begin?

Can you facilitate your home improvement right after your big move?

People have different ways of dealing with this problem. But one thing is for sure… going through a huge home improvement project is too much for someone who just experienced a life-changing event such as moving to a new home.

If you’re this person right now, quit worrying. We’re here to help. Here’s how you can get started:

Decide what needs to be done

It’s alright to change ‘everything’ in the space, but before you do, assess the condition of your new home first. Prioritise the things that need immediate repair. Then, alter the interior design to your heart’s content.
Ask yourself… Do you really need to do this?
Is there an easier and more affordable way of doing this?
Can you do this alone or do you need someone skilled for the job?
Do you have the energy to do this?

Are you ready for another stressful chapter?

Some people are because they have the means to do so. But if you’re alone and tired, give yourself a break.

Most home improvement projects can wait so it’s okay to set things aside for a few weeks or months. There are numerous benefits of delaying the project. First, you have more time to think about their project. The more research you do, the more practical options you discover. It also gives you time to assess your finances. If you’re broke, you have time to earn the money.  

Do you have enough funds?

It’s disappointing to push through a project that you can’t afford. Yes, you can borrow money, but nothing beats a makeover that didn’t break the bank!

Know your budget so you can plan a design that you can afford. Go on, read feature articles about low-cost renovations. There are tons of them published online. You will get a lot of inspiration there.

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Designer tip: Consider arranging your bedroom first. It’s easy, low-cost, and beneficial to you. Build your private oasis before the public areas of your home.

Get ready. Create a master plan

By this time, you already know what you want. Create a plan which will guide you throughout the execution of your project. You can stage the construction, building one room at a time, or you can take on the entire project. Get all the help you can get.

What is/are the home projects that you want to accomplish now that you’re settled in your new home? Get a free quote when you inquire to Superdraft today.

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