Quick Buying Guide for Shipping Container Shoppers

This buying guide for shipping container shoppers is going to help you purchase the best quality shipping container for your home.
Quick Buying Guide for Shipping Container Shoppers

When you’re building a container home, you want to purchase the best shipping container available. You want a piece that’s air-tight, sturdy, and good as new. This buying guide will help you understand what an excellent quality container looks like, whether it’s used or new. This will help you buy the one you need to make your custom home happen.

Finding the best quality containers

Shipping containers come in different sizes. There are containers that measure 10 ft, 20ft, and 40ft long. The standard height is 8.5ft (2.59m) while high-cube containers measure 9.5ft (2.89m). It is important to know the dimensions of a shipping container. That way, you and your designer can plan a shipping container home that fits your lot. An accurate calculation is needed here.

Tip: We always recommend using high-cube shipping containers when building a custom home. The extra height makes the interiors roomy.

The price must be right

Most homeowners opt to build shipping container homes because it’s more affordable. Cargotechture promises low-cost building. In the era when the price of building traditional home skyrockets, cargo container homes are attractive.

With that, the price that you will pay for the shipping container is important. Try to get a discount when the price is way over your budget. Never settle for dirty and rusty shipping containers. These are disasters waiting to happen. They are not worth paying for.

Buying old shipping containers vs new ones

Second-hand shipping containers are cheaper than the new ones. Some are half the price of new containers.

Buying used shipping containers is the most environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly choice to make. But, prepare for more work and lengthy inspections. You have to keep an eye out for any flaws and imperfections. When possible, go shopping with your contractor. They can help you inspect the item before you buy it. With them around, you will least likely fall for scams and hard sales talk.

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