8 reasons thermowood facades are ideal for Aussie homes

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white thermowood facade cladding by modinex

Thermowood facades occupy at least one spot on every renovation bucket list, and there’s no reason to replace them! Many materials work best for your facade, but this is undoubtedly worth the hype.

Let’s find out why!

What is thermowood?

thermally modified wood cladding

Exterior shutters, flooring, decks, fences, sheds, and even dog houses, you can make them all out of thermowood, it has become such a versatile option. It’s a sensible and practical choice considering its wide range of impressive benefits.

Thermowood, (thermally-modified wood or heat-treated timber) is wood that underwent pressure and baking at more than 100 degrees in a chamber. The lack of oxygen in the process allows permanent modification of the wood, drying out its moisture and making it a stable material for exterior use.

When water becomes gas, it produces steam. In this case, it’s used as a protective gas to prevent damaged wood during treatment.

This treatment is a natural process compared to other types of wood that have undergone pressure treatment (PT) or the process of chemically-preserving timber.

8 reasons thermowood facades are perfect for Australian homes

Here’s why thermowood is an ideal choice for your facade:

1.Bring an aesthetic appeal

thermowood facades in mahogany

Visually, thermowood is an attractive, rich chocolate or dark brown material due to the intense heat treatment. Because of its appearance, some manufacturers utilise the same modification process on several tree species like ash, pine, or spruce.

Many building designers also choose this material since it doesn’t warp. It won’t need surface treatment, either. Some use paint or other treatments to enrich its colour, but others leave it as is. It naturally changes to a grey shade, mimicking cedar or larch, without treatment.

If you like thermowood for your external cladding, louvre blades, brise soleil, or decking, contact a building design or a drafting professional.

2.They're affordable

Thermowood facade cladding

Because the treatment process of thermowood doesn’t require chemicals, it’s usually cheaper to produce than most materials. Its affordability made it a widely used material, for both interior and exterior.

3.Help build sustainability

Thermowood is a material that is made to last. It can be sourced from yellow pine, which is not only a renewable resource but a clean, nontoxic, recyclable, & energy-efficient material. It’s also recyclable.

For Australian-made, sustainable, and thermally modified material for your renovation, be inspired by Modinex’s innovative and stylish products.

4. They have natural insulation, which makes them energy-efficient

thermowood in terrace facade

Thermowood is fantastic since it has a 30% higher fire resistance than any other outdoor material. It was rendered more stable and robust by thermal modification.

It also has good quality insulation, allowing your home to use less energy, reducing your carbon footprint.

If you want to renovate your home into an energy-efficient one, thumb through our guide here.

5.They're lightweight

If the material is lightweight, it’s convenient, easy to transport, and install in construction.

6.They're low maintenance

modinex hemlock in pool

You won’t need to apply surface treatments like pigmented wood oil, wood stain, paint, or wax for your thermowood. It already has natural qualities to withstand humidity, making it an excellent material for the areas of your house exposed mostly to weather.

Superdraft tip: Thermowood facades must have yearly inspections to ensure it’s still in good condition.

7.Highly resistant to other factors

The thermal modification process enhances thermowood making it durable and resistant to moisture, decay, insects, rot, fungi, and warping.

The intensive heat drains thermowood of its water content, allowing it to absorb little to no moisture. Without moisture, insects and fungi have nothing to feed. If the material has lower moisture, it has high weather resistance. It doesn’t even change if submerged in water.

8.They're natural and environmentally friendly

modinex hamiltion thermowood facade

Aside from being close to the equator, Australia has experienced intense heat and higher levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation because of its already depleted ozone layer. That’s why the architectural and construction industry looks for ways to construct effectively and efficiently without negatively affecting the environment.

Thermowood is chemical-free, making it a safe material to touch and use in your home. It’s enhanced through heat and vapour, an environmentally friendly option to process wood for housing purposes.

Superdraft tip: Ensure that the source of your thermowood material is regulated by non-profit organisations for forest management. They must be certified under the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Schemes and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How much does thermowood cost?

The price of thermally modified wood depends on the variation you choose for your home. Get in touch with a building design or drafting professional to know which type is more suitable for your existing environment and home design.

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2.How do you maintain the appearance of thermowood facades?

Although thermowood can go without surface treatment, you have the option of having it painted, stained, or varnished.

Pre-painting is essential as you won't want your paint to go to waste. Unlike other wood products, you won't need sanding. Although drained of moisture, avoid using stains for your thermowood in moist locations.

Use opaque paint before assembly because it protects your material best. Select a mould-resistant paint to be sure. 

painted thermowood

Are you looking for a superb paint or finish? Be inspired by the quality products of Resene, our partner paint expert.

Upgrade thermowood facades with us

Above every other reason why thermowood facades are ideal for every Australian home, they are imposing and eye-catching additions to your building design. If you want a facade built with this quality material, Superdraft can help you achieve it — from design to build!

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