Relax inside this peaceful ensuite design

The best bedroom designs are relaxing and ethereal. Check out this ensuite design.
Peaceful En suite Design

Wouldn't it be nice when your bathroom is only a few paces from your bed? Don't you want a private space where you can take a shower or lie back and soak? If you do, check out this en suite design. It might convince you to build your own.

Your personal haven

We start and end our day in the bathroom. That's how important the bathroom is. An en suite is handy because it allows you to spend some time with yourself in peace. It is your personal haven. Your private oasis.

When you're planning to build your own en suite, get creative. Go with an en suite design that inspires you and calms your nerves. Make it romantic as well.

Go grey

Grey is a timeless colour; it ages with grace. The designers of this bathroom chose this colour for it will look great even after a few decades. We love the cool and contemporary finish of this bathroom plus its organic ambience. It's fresh and tranquil like how most homeowners want it.

Indulge yourself

This en suite is spacious and can accommodate both a shower and a tub. The homeowner can have both, that's why the en suite design has both! To make it more ergonomic, the designers zoned the bathroom. The shower is enclosed in glass and the soaking tub and the toilet is in a corner.

Dual Sinks

One way to make your en suite more practical is to put dual sinks in the vanity. A Jack and Jill sink in an en suite is perfect for a married couple.  A ‘his and her sink' enables everyone to do their business simultaneously without having to wait for their partner.

Accessorize right

A peaceful bathroom is simple and not over decorated. Only display the things you need. Try not to accessorize much.

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