Renovation Checklist: How to plan, prepare, and get through a renovation

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Everyone knows that the key to a stress-free home renovation is ample preparation. But simply having a rough idea of what you need to plan isn’t enough. It helps to use our full renovation checklist, which includes everything you need to prepare for each stage of the process. 

With this, you can ensure that your project stays on track. We separated the list per room, so you can have a guide based on which part of your house you’d like to improve. You may also download a copy of the Superdraft renovation checklist .

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Home renovation checklist: Pre-renovation

☐ Determine the purpose of the renovation

First off, understand why the renovation is necessary. Is it for child-proofing or future-proofing? Are you updating the space to make it more sustainable or functional? Answering these questions will help you determine the goals for the renovation project.

☐ Create a wishlist

List everything you need for the renovation. Divide the list depending on your must-haves and nice-to-haves. To help you with creating a wishlist, we have an inspiration gallery that you can use to design your own dream space. We also have a home renovation trends guide available online.

☐ Consider a full home inspection

Have a professional inspect the roof, windows, doors, gutters, downpipes, and attic to see if you may need to have some of these repaired or replaced during the renovation.

☐ Determine your budget

Once you’ve determined your wishlist, check how much the same type of project usually costs in your area. Then, add 10-25% for contingency. This will be used to cover unexpected expenses.

☐ Set a deadline

Even if you’re not in a hurry, set a deadline. This will set the pace for the rest of the project.

Home renovation checklist: Planning phase

☐ Get advice from our helpful project consultants

At Superdraft, we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable project consultants who will advise you on the professionals you need for your project.

☐ Use our free build cost estimator

We have a free build cost estimator that will help you get a better idea of how much your project will cost.

☐ Find a building designer or draftsman

Superdraft has a special designer match algorithm that helps users find the building designer or draftsman who is best suited for the project. 

☐ Discuss plans with your building designer or draftsman

The building designer or draftsman will present plans for your future home renovation project. In case you feel that the design or the designer is not the right fit for your project, we also offer a switch guarantee.

☐ Get planning permission

Not all types of projects require planning permission, but it’s best to check with your local council regarding applicable planning regulations before you begin construction.

☐ Obtain building permission

Most renovations require building permits. At Superdraft, we have helpful project planning consultants who will walk you through the council approval process.

☐ Update your homeowners’ insurance

It’s necessary to let your insurance company know that you will be renovating your home. They will make adjustments to your insurance coverage based on the renovations you plan to do.

building designer making house plans

Home renovation checklist: Demolition  and rebuild

☐ Set aside time in your personal schedule

Check your calendar and free up some time in your schedule. Set aside at least five hours per week to check on the progress of your project. 

Superdraft tip: At Superdraft, we also have a free project planning dashboard that helps you monitor the progress of your renovation online. Register now! 

☐ Pack and protect your belongings

Ensuring the safety of your family and your belongings is crucial during the demolition process. Pack everything you can and put them in storage. Heavy furniture should be covered with tarps or blankets.

☐ Create a temporary living space/reserve temporary housing

Decide if you will stay or move out during the renovation and make the necessary living arrangements. 

☐ Take before photos

Take photos of your home prior to renovation. This will help you see what you and your builders have accomplished afterwards.

☐ Start demolition

Usually, homeowners can stay and supervise the demolition. However, make sure that young children and pets have a safe place to stay during the process.

☐ Consider a full inspection and repairs

Once the walls have come down and you can see the bare bones of your house, it’s a good time to examine piping, electrical wiring, subfloors, and other parts of the home that you cannot see prior to demolition. It’s best to get all of these repaired before moving forward. Depending on the issues present, you might need to use some of your contingency funds.

☐ Rebuilding/reframing

At this stage of the construction, your builder will make structural changes based on your renovation plans. They may knock down some walls or add new structural beams.

☐ Adding insulation and drywall

Adding insulation to different parts of your home, especially the attic, can make it more comfortable and energy-efficient.

builder demolishing interior wall

Home renovation checklist: Bathroom renovation

☐ Install new fixtures

Consider adding new fixtures to make your bathroom more functional. Replace old taps and showerheads with new, high-efficiency models or install a new toilet.

☐ Add new tiles

Give your bathroom a more modern, refreshing look by replacing the old tiles. If you’re on a tight budget, consider adding accent tiles instead of retiling the entire space. You can also opt to regrout your existing tiles instead of replacing them.

☐ Check ventilation

Ensure there’s adequate ventilation in your bathroom by installing an exhaust fan or adding a new window.

☐ Ensure there is adequate storage

Check to see if there’s enough storage space for toiletries. If not, ask your builder to install additional shelving.

bathroom renovation checklist

Home renovation checklist: Kitchen renovation

☐ Add new sockets

Consider asking an electrician to install new plug sockets or switches in your kitchen. This will make it a lot more convenient to use kitchen appliances.

☐ Retile

Replacing dated tile is a crucial part of revamping your kitchen. Consider retiling the floor and splashback. If necessary, you can also opt to replace the benchtops or add new ones. 

☐ Replace/refinish cabinets 

Replacing cabinets may be costly, but doing this can dramatically improve the look and feel of the entire space. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also opt to repaint or refinish them.

☐ Replace appliances if necessary

If you have the budget for it, consider replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient models.

kitchen renovation checklist

Home renovation checklist: Living room renovation

☐ Repaint walls

Consider giving your living room a fresh coat of paint. You may also add a feature wall if you want to spruce up the room’s design.

☐ Reflooring 

Make your living room look fresh and contemporary by replacing the flooring.

☐ Consider replacing/refinishing furniture

Purchase new furniture or refinish existing ones to make them look new and contemporary. If you’re on a budget, adding new cushions or cushion covers can make a huge difference.

☐ Consider adding storage 

Make your living room look and feel less cluttered by asking your builder to add new built-in storage.

☐ Replace window treatment

Adding blinds or changing the curtains can dramatically alter the look of the space.

☐ Replace lighting fixtures

Changing old fluorescent lights into new, high-efficiency LED lamps can make your home brighter and more sustainable.

☐ Add new décor

Explore local or online stores for decorative items that fit the style of your home.

modern living room

Home renovation checklist: Bedroom renovation

☐ Add new storage

Consider asking your builder to add new storage or build a walk-in wardrobe.

☐ Build an ensuite

An ensuite bathroom can be one of the best additions you can make to your bedroom. Not only does it add convenience, but it can also boost the value of your home.

☐ Repaint walls

Consider repainting your bedroom in a fresh and trendy new colour.

☐ Reflooring

If your bedroom floors are creaky, consider replacing some floorboards. You can also invest in reflooring the entire space.

☐ Replacing furniture

Everyone deserves comfortable bedroom furniture. You can opt to purchase a more modern bed frame or replace old mattresses.

☐ Redecorating

Your bedroom is your personal space! Add photos, posters, decals, trinkets, and any other item that makes your bedroom reflect your individual taste and personality.

modern blue and white bedroom

Home renovation checklist: Cleanup and packing

☐ Clean up the site

Help with builders during cleanup or hire a cleaning company that specialises in the post-construction cleanup.

☐ Add finishes/decoration

Consider hiring an interior designer to help with finishes and decoration.

☐ Do a final walkthrough

Do a final walkthrough of the space before allowing your builders to mark the renovation as complete. Ensure that there are no air bubbles in wallpaper or laminates, all fixtures are working properly, and all doors and windows are opening and closing easily.

☐ Obtain an occupancy permit

Obtain an occupancy permit from the local council so that you can consider the renovation finished and move back into your home.

☐ Celebrate!

Don’t forget to celebrate your wins! Invite your friends or relatives over for a fun housewarming party. 

construction cleanup

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