6 Home renovation tips from serial renovators

Check out these home renovation tips that keep your home renovation project from turning into a disaster.

When done right, the outcome of home renovations is extremely rewarding. Here are a few home renovation inspiration stories and tips from our experts here in Superdraft. If you use our project coordination platform, these tips will help you keep everything in order and keep your project organised.

1. Get renovation inspiration and ideas from the family.

The people living with you might have inputs in your future home’s design. Ask them as you write the design brief and before you look for a designer. 

What you can do is call for a family meeting, ask everyone about what they want in the house, particularly in their rooms. Write the wish list then trim it down as you move forward with the planning.

You can also use our project design brief form as your guide.

renovation inspiration
An Australian Federation house has a charming street appeal.

2. Got a home with character? Preserve its beauty.

Right now, many families consider renovating their inherited homes built between the 50s’ and 70s’ to make it more functional. 

These homes have sentimental value to the families and to the community where they stand. The design of these homes convey history and legacy.  

If you are planning to do the same renovation project, consider preserving your home’s character and architecture. Improve the house, but keep the new design elements consistent with the old ones. 

Renovations are more complicated when your property has a heritage overlay. There are a lot of restrictions. It’s better to speak with your council first so you have an idea of what you can and can’t do. 

If the house is beyond repair and there are no overlays, consider knocking down the old house and building a new one.

Skillion roof
Make room for a stunning and active outdoor space.

3. Make the most of the available space.

Is your home built on a narrow block or is it a part of an acreage community situated in the rural areas? 

Either way, maximise the available land space to create a lovely home for you and your family. 

Here at Superdraft, you can connect with designers who have experience in custom home projects. Find the best one for your project when you register for free.

kitchen renovation inspiration
An indoor-outdoor kitchen with alfresco dining area.

4. Design to budget.

Here at Superdraft, it is important for us to give you design plans that you can afford to build.

We help you set a realistic budget from the onset by providing you with rough build cost estimates during the planning process. You can request these estimates from your Project Consultant.

Also, there is an industry-accurate build construction cost calculator within the project coordination platform that you can use for free. This calculator helps you anticipate the final cost of the project and gives an idea whether the project is under or over budget.

Register to access both these features for free.

5. Inform your neighbours in advance about the renovation.

It is common courtesy to inform your neighbours about your upcoming home renovation project weeks before construction starts. This way, they can prepare for it in advance as well. 

Speaking with your neighbour about the renovation is polite, especially when you have to discuss important matters like access to the construction site, noise levels, and the possible inconvenience the renovation might bring.

home renovation inspiration
Your Superdraft dashboard looks like this.

6. Keep everything organised.

Renovation projects involve a lot of papers, receipts, quotes, and other documents. It requires extra effort to keep everything organised. This is a problem, especially when you have zero organisational skills.

Good thing the Superdraft’s project coordination platform features a centralised filing system. All important files are stored, labelled, and indexed clearly inside the app to ensure organisation. You can access these documents via your dashboard, 24/7. 

We hope these home reno inspiration and tips give you confidence in managing your dream project. The Superdraft’s planning platform is here to make the entire process more convenient for you. 

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