7 practical kitchen features to include in your next renovation

Check out these practical kitchen features that will make your space a whole lot better.

There’s a lot of work done in the kitchen. When designing your kitchen, prioritise functionality and ergonomics over aesthetics. Here are seven practical kitchen features that you should consider when planning your kitchen. Follow these tips and working in your kitchen will be bliss:

Waterfall kitchen island

An island separates the kitchen from its adjacent areas in an open plan space. To make it more functional, opt for a waterfall design. 

A waterfall island is when the counter material continues down the sides of the cabinets and has a overhang. When planning this island, allot 12-19 inches (305-483mm) of overhang to make it more comfortable when you sit on the bar stools. Install a towel rack on one side, as shown in the kitchen below:

cut costs renovation Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

Keep a short distance between the sink, dishwasher, and storage

All tasks are easier this way. Place the dishwasher near the sink to avoid accidents and to avoid food and grease drippings on the floor. No need to travel far while carrying a bunch of plates. Put the dishwasher next to the storage cabinet and stow away the clean dishes faster. Store the plates, glasses, eating utensils, and other things you use everyday on the lower cabinets to avoid straining your spine and back muscles. Put away the things you don't usually need in the upper cupboards instead.  

Place the dishwasher in the island

If your sink is located on the kitchen island, then it makes sense to put the dishwasher in a cabinet closest to it.

Make the trash bin accessible

One does not always prioritise the location of the bin when designing their kitchen. That’s too bad because trash collection is one of the things we should thoroughly plan in our kitchen.

Your trash bin is not just for throwing food scraps and packaging away, it’s also for disposing of the rubbish you collected around the house. It’s best if you place it in the most accessible point of the kitchen, perhaps in the end of your island at the entrance of your kitchen.

If you’re planning to have a compost bin, consider putting it close to your food preparation area.

Trash bins located right under a built-in chopping board, so you can easily scoop the trash right into the bins. | Source: Pinterest / New York Daily News

Have outlets in the kitchen

Streamlined kitchen designs are popular nowadays. Homeowners fancy hiding their appliances in their cupboards. If you don’t want to move your machines such as coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and electric kettles in and out of the cupboards, consider having sockets inside your cupboards.

Appliance cabinet that hides the toaster and blender. Plug it easily to a nearby outlet to make it work. | Source: Young House Love – DIY & Decor ❤

Install proper lighting

The kitchen is the busiest part of the house, which is why good lighting here is essential.
We recommend that you layer your sources of light. Make sure your downlighting or the general lighting illuminates the entire kitchen. Hang pendant lights above your dining table and kitchen island so you have a dedicated light to these areas. Finally, install LED striplights or under-cabinet lighting to brighten your counters and the dark corners of your kitchen.

Position your pendant light fixtures and under-cabinet lighting. Hang or install them directly over the island so it doesn’t cast a shadow over your space.

Leave a 1000mm space between counters

Nobody wants a cramped kitchen. Allow 36-48 inches (915-1220mm) of floor space in between two counters. This distance is enough for you to comfortably move in the kitchen while some doors (cupboards and dishwashers) and drawers are open.

Expensive kitchen with slate floor tiles and custom mixed wood cabinetry.

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