Australian homeowners' full guide to residential drafting services

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residential drafting services

Majority of the Google search results say that a draftsman's fees are more affordable than an architect’s, and this attracts a lot of people who are planning a renovation and developing a residential structure at the moment. If you have thought about working with a draftsman or availing a local company’s residential drafting services for your project too, read on. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about taking advantage of residential drafting services… and the answers to the most common questions that homeowners have about an architectural draftsman.

residential drafting services

Difference between a draftsman, a building designer, and an architect

Here at Superdraft, we help our customers connect with designers suitable for their projects. There are architects, building designers, and drafting professionals within our network. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the differences between these three professionals, check out this article. You can also discuss your project with one of our Project Consultants and get recommendations on who to engage for your project. Our Project Consultants will assess the complexity of your project and determine the level of expertise needed before recommending a pro.

Alternatively, you can use the project coordination dashboard’s Designer Match feature to find a suitable design professional. 

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What is drafting and what is it used for?

Drafting is the process of producing the working drawings for the house or the residential building that you want to build. You need these working drawings to obtain development approvals and building permits. Builders refer to these documents during the build tendering stage — the period when you get quotes from various builders to know how much they will charge to build your house. These drawings are also their guide to building your home from the ground up.  

The working drawings are the most important documents for any renovation or new building project, and drafting these plans correctly is extremely important.

Who drafts the working drawings for a house?

Both building designers and draftsmen are all skilled when it comes to drafting. However, it’s the draftsman whose work is more focused on drafting the plans. A draftsman's work is more on the technical side. If you need someone to custom design your house and draft the plans, it’s best to engage a building designer for your project. 

residential drafting services

The complete set of working of drawings from an architectural draftsman

Your draftsman produces the set of drawings you need to obtain a development approval, a building permit, and several builder quotes. 

Here is a list of the main documents you need and how each one looks like.

Site plan – A scaled drawing showing the block of land and indicating the boundaries of the property, location of the proposed building, extension, garden structures, driveways, walkways, as well as the landscape design, ground levels, water main, and other relevant information. 

residential drafting services site plan
Image credit: Commonwealth of Australia

Floor plan – A scaled drawing showing the top view or the bird’s eye view of each level, indicating the overall dimensions of the building, and showing the important internal features such as wall thicknesses, rooms, areas, door and window openings, door swings, floor finishes, and location of furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

residential drafting services floor plan
Image credit: Commonwealth of Australia

Elevations – A scaled drawing showing each side of the building and the design of each façade. This drawing shows the interior and exterior height of the building, particularly the Finished Floor Level (FFL) and Finished Ceiling Level (FCL).

residential drafting services elevation
Image credit: Commonwealth of Australia

Section drawings – A scaled cross-section drawing of the building, showing the basic structural elements such as the roof, walls, subfloor, floor levels, split levels, and footings.

residential drafting services section drawing
Image credit: Commonwealth of Australia

Detailed drawing sheets – These are scaled close-up drawings showing the particular construction details, installation details, and important structural components.

residential drafting services detailed drawing
Image credit: Commonwealth of Australia

Roof plan – A scaled drawing of the proposed development’s roof design, indicating the dimensions of the entire roof structure, its shape, size, design, slopes, valleys, drainage, and materials used.

roof plan residential drafting services
Image credit: My Roof blog

Reflected ceiling plan – A scaled drawing showing the ceiling design as if there’s a mirror on the floor reflecting it back to you. 

Electrical layout – A diagram of the wires showing the circuits and electrical systems of the house.

residential drafting services
Image credit: Coroflot

Door and window schedule – A scaled drawing showcasing the types and sizes of doors and windows needed in the project.

Shadow diagrams – A diagram showing the shadows cast by the house and their impact on the landscape and other structures beside it.

residential drafting services

Demolition plans – A scaled drawing showing which parts of the original structure gets demolished to make the renovation/extension/addition happen.

It is crucial to get a complete set of drawings to obtain development approval or a construction development certificate. You can count on the draftsmen within Superdraft’s network to help you with your council approval drawings. 

For more information, read how a draftsperson can help you renovate or build a new home.

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residential drafting services

How much does residential drafting services cost? 

The final costs of residential drafting services vary depending on the type of project and how much work needs to be done. 

Here at Superdraft, you can request a quote for residential drafting services via the project coordination dashboard. We’ll provide you with a competitively priced quotation, which covers the entire scope of your project. You will also get matched with the most suitable draftsman for your project using the project coordination dashboard. 

Engage a draftsman via the project coordination dashboard

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