Expert reveals how to turn rooftops into stunning outdoor spaces

Not many renovations capture your imagination like this one.

A lot of property owners in the cities are planning to create their own rooftop entertainment areas recently. In the city, where building an outdoor living space on the ground level is at a premium, it makes perfect sense to build upwards. Read this blog in case you’re planning to create a lovely roof terrace in Australia where you can have some alone time or host a get-together. We are giving you some important tips you should hear:

Why build one?

A roof terrace doubles as a second family room; one that is bigger and has a better view. 

It can be a relaxed and tranquil spot where you can chill out after work or every weekend. 

You can turn this into your squad’s ultimate party spot.

And, if you have a green thumb, this can be your garden. 

Having a rooftop terrace adds wow factor to your home, which may increase its resale value. We are looking at up to 25% increase, especially when the property is located in our major cities, and possesses a stunning view. 

Also, a well-kept rooftop terrace with a living garden will help insulate your home. It keeps the indoor temperature down in the summer and maintains a warm toasty feeling in winter. It blocks outdoor noise, which is beneficial when you are living in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle.

Do I have to have a flat roof?

Not really, but it will be less expensive and more straightforward when you have a flat roof from the beginning. 

On a previous blog, we mentioned that most houses can accommodate rooftop terraces, but you have to conduct an onsite consultation with a designer to be sure. 

Every project is different. Yours might require a straightforward solution or substantial building works. Either way, this is not a DIY-friendly job. You are more likely to be embarking on a major — rather than a minor — building works. You need the help of a professional to get things right. Their expertise adds value to your project and will make your future rooftop terrace more enjoyable.

Our designers here in Superdraft can help you get the critical parts of the project right. We can guide you through the process, coordinate all the required trades, help you complete all planning requirements, and obtain council approval and building permits.

The golden rule of building a roof terrace

To get many years of enjoyment from your rooftop entertainment area, you have to get the waterproofing right. 

Make sure that there’s a waterproof membrane underneath the flooring or you’ll risk damage to your home. Opt for products that are resistant to sun and UV damage, puncture-proof, and can be heat-welded to seal the seams. 

For the flooring, go for tiles, hardwood, composite decking or a floating deck.

No worries, Superdraft design consultants can show you the various membrane waterproofing systems and outdoor flooring materials available on the market, and arrange for them to be installed by a skilled professional.

Other crucial factors to consider


How will you get to your roof terrace? Are you going to build an internal staircase or install a ladder with a pop-up access hatch; or build a stairwell outside the house?

Load-bearing capacity

Your designer, with the help of a structural engineer, must calculate the load-bearing capacity of the roof and make sure that it meets relevant building regulations. You need to factor in the weight of the flooring, waterproof membrane, furniture, plants, soil, people, and the additional weight brought by weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow. 


When you don’t have built-in walls, you will need perimeter railings or balustrading for safety.

Overlooking the neighbor’s property

If your roof terrace is going to overlook or block out sunlight on your neighbour’s property, you must come up with clever ways to create privacy and reduce noise.


You need to organise a plumber to help you install drainage pipes and make sure the water drains away from the rooftop terrace. 

Choosing a theme

Creating the ambience of your roof terrace is the best part of the process. Work closely with your designer to ensure your personality and tastes reflects the final look. 

You can go sleek and sophisticated, like this:

Or cosy and charming, like this: 

Or, if you want, you can build a decent-sized garden on top of your garage like this:

Need help in building a roof terrace? Let us know your plans for this project. 

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