5 Innovative roof types and designs for clever home renovators

Here are innovative roof designs that you might find interesting.
roof types
Image credit: Robson Rak Architects

Homeowners nowadays are now critical about their home’s roofings. They make their roofs one of the most unique and functional elements in their homes. They use  premium roofing materials and work with talented home designers who can make roofs more than what they are. If you want to follow their footsteps, this article about roof types and designs is perfect for you!

Here, we are introducing innovative roof types and designs that are shaking up the industry and are making our homes a better place to live in. Take note of these and see which one suits your upcoming renovation project!

Solar roof – a power-producing roof design

Do not let the hot Australian sun go to waste! Consider building a solar roof and run your home entirely on solar power! 

A solar roof is one of the most desirable features that homeowners want in their homes. If you don't know it yet, a solar roof is your best bet if you're going to run your home on solar power but hate to install bulky solar panel systems up there.

roof types solar
Image credit: Tesla

To build a solar roof, we highly recommend using solar roof tiles or solar shingles. These building products effectively absorb the sun's heat energy and convert it into electricity. They are also designed to give you an aesthetically pleasing and streamlined roofline. Cover your entire roof with solar roof tiles or solar shingles to avoid heat gain from the roof and generate as much electricity as possible. Then, store the excess power in a solar battery and pump the extra kWh generated back to the power grid for additional income.

Cooling roof – an energy-efficient roof design

Having a dark-coloured roof is pretty standard across the country. However, these tend to absorb more heat, resulting in unwanted heat gain and higher cooling costs.

As a solution, many designers recommend cool roofing systems. There are lots of roof designs that fall under this category, but most of them use light-coloured materials, membranes, and barriers. 

cooling white roof types
Image credit: Three Birds Renovations

Light colours are crucial in a cool roofing system. This is because light-coloured roofs reflect the sun's rays and emit heat back to the atmosphere instead of absorbing it. These stay cool throughout the day. As a result, less heat gets transferred into the house, helping you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing the need for air conditioning. You lower the costs of running your home when there is no need or less need for artificial cooling.

Green roof – an eco-friendly roof design

Another roof design that piques the curiosity of many homeowners is a green roof. 

A green roof is an eco-friendly roof structure equipped for growing local plant varieties. It gives a home a more attractive and more eco-friendly curb appeal. More than that, a green roof: 

  • Helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature
  • Reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling
  • Boosts the house's acoustic insulation
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Cleans the air you breathe, and
  • Supports local biodiversity
green roof types
Image credit: ArchiBlox

There are two kinds of green roofs popular in Australia. The more common and more expensive one is an intensive green roof. This kind of green roof holds a deep layer of soil and supports large and tall plant varieties. Due to its weight, an intensive green roof requires a solid and structurally sound roof underneath. It is also difficult to add these to existing residential buildings; hence, many incorporate them in knockdown rebuild projects.

green roof types
Image credit: Mobius Architects

The more economical option is called an extensive green roof. This kind of green roof holds shallow soil and is suitable for grass, succulents, and other plants with shallow root systems. The entire system is easy to retrofit on an existing roof but best done as a part of a new home or a major renovation project. 

green roof types
via Pinterest

If you are planning to build a green roof, you will need the help of the following professionals:

  • A building designer with experience in designing green sustainable homes
  • A structural engineer to ensure the roof can support the saturated weight of the soil and plants 
  • A landscape designer with experience in planning and building low-maintenance green roofs, and can help you choose plant varieties for it
  • A town planner with experience in lodging plans of green residential structures

Urban vegetable garden – a food-producing roof design

Another innovative roof design involves turning the rooftop into a fully functioning vegetable garden. This roof design (and similar roof types) is ideal for homeowners who want to experience a farm to table lifestyle but don't have enough outdoor space for an active, edible garden.  

roof types

Blue roof – a rainwater-harvesting roof design

Another practical and innovative roof design involves harvesting rainwater and storing it for later use. These roof types are under the roof runoff management system category and are known worldwide as ‘blue roofs.’ These are perfect additions to homes situated in areas with long dry seasons. Landscapers often integrate blue roofs and green roofs together to make irrigation and plant watering intuitive.

roof types butterfly roof

Roof terrace – a roof where you can live 

Other homeowners have gone a step further and expanded the rooftop as a place where you can live. They are renovating upwards and utilising their roof areas to create stunning outdoor spaces. These are perfect for homeowners who want relaxing spaces that improve the quality of life and beat the woes of urban living.

roof types

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Roofing is very important in building construction. A poor roof will make the quality of any construction questioned.

Are you planning a major renovation and updating your roof in the process? Tell us, what roof type and design would you like to have and why? 

Always remember that the roof design that you will choose will significantly affect the house’s overall look, style, and the cost of your project. 

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