Roof window: benefits, design ideas, and how to build one

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Homeowners are always on the lookout for home renovation projects to help improve and increase the value of their homes, and adding a roof window is one such project. This article can help you learn everything you need to know about roof windows and what they can do to make your home more functional and liveable for your family. 

What are roof windows?

People often confuse roof windows with skylights because they look similar. However, while skylights are fixed to the roof, roof windows are not. Unlike skylights, you can open roof windows. Roof windows are also more versatile because you can mount them to a curb, unlike skylights that need to get mounted on roofs.  

roof window

What are the benefits of roof windows?

Roof windows bring many benefits to homeowners, so you should consider them for your next home renovation. Here are some excellent reasons why you should install a roof window:

  • They can bring let more natural light into your house.
  • They can help improve ventilation. 
  • They can add value to your home. 
  • You can use them to access your roof for maintenance easily. 
  • They can help keep your home cool during hot weather. 
roof window

Roof window design ideas

Expand your attic space

Installing a roof window can make your attic more usable by making it brighter and improving ventilation. You can then convert your attic into a spare bedroom, a home office, or a media room. Install a roof window on one slope and create a reading nook or a small balcony to increase your attic space.


Improve your kitchen

Adding a roof window can improve your kitchen and help you save money. The additional daylight will make your kitchen brighter without electric lights. You can also use it to let out cooking smells so your house doesn’t smell like your dinner. Do not forget to close the roof windows when you’re done cooking to avoid leaks during rains. 

kitchen roof window

Brighten up your stairs

If you have a multi-storey house, installing a roof window over your stairs can make it brighter without using artificial lighting. A bright stairway is also safer for family members because it is easier to navigate. 

The play of light can also make your stairs look more dramatic and improve their aesthetics. If you have decorative pieces like vases or busts in your stair landing, you can use your roof windows to showcase them by letting the sun’s rays act as a natural spotlight. 

staircase window

Create an indoor pocket garden

An indoor pocket garden can help make your house look beautiful and improve indoor air quality. By adding roof windows over your pocket garden, you can let in sunlight that’s vital to plants. Make sure that you work with an expert building designer to avoid leaks due to improperly installed roof windows. 

Make your bathroom more relaxing

If you want to level up how your bathroom looks, try adding roof windows. Roof windows let in sunlight to make your bathroom brighter and look roomier. They can also help improve the ventilation, so your bathroom doesn’t feel too humid. 

You can also use roof windows to make your bathroom look more relaxing. Position your roof window over your shower area to brighten it and make showering easier. Installing roof windows over a freestanding tub lets you enjoy a warm soak while admiring the blue sky or a starry night sky. 

Want to know how much these projects would cost? Superdraft can provide you with a free detailed design quote for your project.

bathroom window

How do I install a roof window?

Installing roof windows is a job for professionals because improper installation can result in leaks. Rainwater might come in through the roof windows and cause irreparable damage to furniture and appliances. Improper installation can also damage your roof, which might warrant expensive roof repairs. 

If you want to install roof windows as part of your home renovation project, you need the help of a professional building designer or draftsman. They can develop a plan to ensure the proper installation of your roof windows. Roof windows also come in different materials, and home renovation experts can give you advice on which materials suit your purpose and budget.  

roof window


Try adding roof windows if you’re looking for things to do on your next home renovation project. They can make your home brighter by letting in more natural light. They can also help improve ventilation to make your house more comfortable. In addition, roof windows can improve your house's look and help increase its value.

If you’re ready to add roof windows to your home and reap its many benefits, sign up to Superdraft to get your renovation project rolling. Superdraft can match you with an expert building designer and draftsman to help you plan the design and placing of your roof windows. These professionals can assess the area where you plan to install roof windows and provide you with designs that let you maximise this fantastic home addition.

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