2 April 2019

Master the Art of Separation with this TV Wall Room Divider

Have you ever wondered how a TV wall can zone out an open-plan apartment? Look at this!
Master the Art of Separation with this TV Wall Room Divider

When you enter this apartment, a wooden TV wall that hides the entry from the common areas. The TV wall creates a small hallway, a mudroom which welcomes anyone who comes home. 

Lovely timber finishes

Instead of a plain, painted wall, the designer laid decorative wood panels on the wall. This gave the room a focal point or something to focus on. They placed the TV on the wall, which is perfect because you tend to rest your eyes on something precious.

Neutral interiors

The rest of the walls in this apartment are white and light grey. The colours of the wall help brighten the room. It reflects the light that comes in through the windows.

Minimalist furniture

This is a small apartment, only a few furniture pieces fit here. But, those pieces must count. Every piece serves a purpose. There are no extra things, no clutter.

Light-coloured wooden floors

Opposite of how warm the TV wall, the designer laid pale wooden planks on the wall. It’s warm and homely, but it doesn’t overpower the TV wall. Also, common areas need different flooring to be visually separated.

Spacious window sill

There are only a few tables in this apartment, so there’s a little space for displays. That’s where the spacious window sills come in. They provide extra space when you need it.

Tri-coloured kitchen

White upper cabinets, grey lower cabinets, black splashback and countertops. It’s a beauty.  We like that it doesn’t have knobs and handles. It looks modern and minimalist.

Cabinets that reach the ceilings

This is a small space for a kitchen, so the designer needed to be clever to give it more storage space. The solution? Tall cabinets. The kinds that reach up to the ceiling. This type of cupboard gives more space than regular-sized kitchen cabinets.

Sleep x Study

The door next to the sofa leads to a long and narrow room that the owner uses to work and to unwind. There’s a long table across a sofabed and built-in cabinetry for the owner’s clothes. A small window lets some sunshine in the space. 

Small but stylish shower room

Another door near the TV wall leads to a tiny white bathroom. We personally like the simplicity of the design, plus the use of innovative fixtures like the vanity mirror with backlit.


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