Scandi bathroom designs that will inspire your next home renovation

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A bathroom is a critical area in any house because it is a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. Take a long, hot shower, and you can feel the day's tiredness washing away. You can take a glass of red with you and have a long and luxurious soak in your tub to relieve yourself of stress. However, it is difficult to relax if your bathroom is drab and grimy, and if that is the case, a bathroom renovation is in order. This article shares some amazing Scandi bathroom ideas to have a bathroom that's relaxing, functional and looks fantastic. 

Classic Scandinavian bathroom

A classic Scandinavian bathroom is simple but boasts understated elegance. It capitalizes on using white and other light colours to give you a bright bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a Scandinavian interior design is an excellent choice because the use of light colours can make your bathroom look roomier. If you feel an all-white bathroom is too stark, you can use black or dark-coloured tile grout to give it a bit of colour contrast.  

Scandinavian bathrooms also have wood elements, and you can go with a wooden bathroom vanity unit. If you want, you could reuse your old bathroom sink, add a wood-framed bathroom mirror or some open wooden shelves to achieve that classic Scandinavian bathroom look.

Scandinavian bathroom with a pop of colour

A pop of colour is a fantastic idea to offset the bright white interior of your Scandinavian bathroom. This doesn't mean deviating from Scandinavian bathrooms' main colour scheme. It just means adding a playful and colourful element to your bathroom. 

There are many options to add colour to your bathroom, and you can get more ideas from your interior design expert. You can update your toilet with a red or turquoise-coloured one to act as the focal point of your bathroom. If you are bold enough, try using a matte black toilet. Another option is to replace your bathroom sink with a colourful bathroom vanity. You can go for a pastel-coloured vanity if you want to stick with the soft-coloured theme of Scandi bathrooms. 

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Scandi farmhouse

A Scandi farmhouse bathroom is an excellent idea for those looking for a rustic bathroom design. It uses the classic features of Scandi bathrooms but infuses them with farmhouse features to make it look homier. 

Instead of polished wood, you can use reclaimed wood as wall panels. You can also use reclaimed timber as exposed wooden beams to make your bathroom more inviting. One of the most striking features of a bathroom is its vanity, and you can replace your old vanity with a farmhouse-style vanity with distressed wood to give it a weathered look. 

Scandi with a touch of black

You cannot get classier than black and white so add black elements to your bathroom to make it as elegant as it can be. The key to this Scandi bathroom design is restraint because you don't want a black and white chequered bathroom. 

You can update your bathroom fixtures like your faucet, shower head, and vanity drawer handles with matte black ones for understated elegance. Another option is to include a black vanity mirror that grabs the attention of whoever uses the bathroom. 

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Scandinavian bathroom with a statement tub

A statement tub can complement your Scandinavian bathroom, so why not replace your old tub. You can get a classic clawfoot tub with your white Scandi bathroom. Another option is to go the opposite direction and get a contemporary granite tub. A granite tub contrasts with the white tiles and walls of your bathroom. The rough texture of the tub also provides a texture contrast with your smooth bathroom tiles.

Biophilic Scandinavian bathroom

Being with nature is a relaxing experience, and a biophilic Scandinavian bathroom is an excellent place to have a rejuvenating bath. If you have room for expansion, you can knock down one bathroom wall and add a pocket garden extension. You can plant your favourite plants in your pocket garden to give you that feeling of being one with nature. 

If you want to push your limits, you can install an outdoor shower in your pocket garden and line the floor with smooth pebbles. The natural elements of your pocket garden will contrast with the white interiors of your main bathroom. 

Modern Scandinavian bathroom

Although Scandi bathrooms are traditional, there is no stopping you from adding modern amenities to make them more comfortable to use. You can replace your shower with an automatic shower that lets you regulate the water temperature and pressure. 

You can install automatic toilets and faucets to make using your bathroom easier. 

What's great about these modern amenities is they come in a wide variety of colours and styles you can choose from to give your Scandi bathroom a touch of colour to go against the overall white bathroom theme. 

Final thoughts

A Scandi bathroom is a popular design for homeowners because of its versatility that looks great with a wide range of overall house designs. If you want to renovate your bathroom, you can use the ideas listed above to have a Scandinavian bathroom that stands out. 

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