Smart kitchen storage solutions for your open-plan space

Learn how to add more kitchen storage seamlessly.
7 Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions for Your Open-Plan Space

Lacking kitchen storage space can be stressful (not to mention messy). If you don’t have enough storage, you may tend to put your grocery items, bowls, or even appliances on your countertops. This shouldn’t be the case if you have an open-plan space. Getting things off the counter is easy once you renovate your kitchen and build extra storage in the adjacent areas. With proper renovation planning, you can add an overflowing amount of kitchen storage even in the dining and living area. The extent of the work can range from small to medium changes. 

Here’s how you can get started:

Make all cupboards identical

If you’ve run out of space, build extra storage in the area adjacent to the kitchen. Make all the cupboards similar so the two remain connected and tie the space together. Make it the feature element of the space.

The key here is to position the extra storage a few steps from the main cabinetry and from the cooking and meal preparation areas. Be mindful of functionality and ergonomics. Best if you store all items you always need in nearby shelves and cabinets where you can quickly and easily access them. Then, store the ones you need less frequently in the separated cupboards.

identical cupboards kitchen storage
Image credit: Caleb Vandermeer Photography

Use dual-purpose furniture

Using dual-purpose furniture is ideal for small kitchens but also great for open-plan ones. By adding a divider, for example, you can separate the kitchen from the next area in an open-plan space. That divider can be a nifty piece of furniture with extensive shelving. Use this extra storage to showcase your proudest collection of cookbooks, glassware, and tableware.

A divider like this isn’t always available as an off-the-shelf option. You might need the help of a designer who can create a custom cabinetry design and have it made for you.

dual purpose kitchen furniture divider
Image credit: shelterness.com

Customise your shelving

Sometimes, the best way to get more kitchen storage is to customise your cabinetry. When you do, you get more than storage that’s accessible from the cooking and meal preparation zone. You can create more shelves, cabinets, and drawers at the back of a kitchen island.

Extend your countertops

Your countertop doesn’t have to end a few inches from your cooking area. When possible, continue your countertop a little further along. When you do, you also gain extra storage.

Hidden Storage

If you’re going to add extra kitchen storage in the nearby space, consider hiding it. One creative way to do this is to design a built-in bench with storage in the dining room near the kitchen. Again, these fixtures may not be available off the shelf. You may need the help of a carpenter to build this (if you’re not handy).

kitchen hidden storage bench
Image credit: Ogawa Fisher Architects

Maximise the space

The designers of this kitchen had to be clever with space planning in order to fit everything into this tight area.

They’ve managed to incorporate additional kitchen storage by creating small corner cabinets. These spaces are usually unused or dysfunctional, but a cabinet with specific use gives it purpose.

kitchen small corner cabinet design
Image credit: Decoist

Additional sneaky kitchen storage ideas:

Here are some additional tips and tricks to maximise every space on your open-plan kitchen:

Tuck-away cabinets for appliances – Creating a tuck-away platform for appliances is an excellent way to add extra workspace instead of displaying them on your countertops.

Splashback glass shelves – Adding glass shelves to your backsplash gives you a space to stow glass spice jars or glassware. The “glass on glass” aesthetics make the space look bigger as it eliminates visual barriers.

Vertical storage – You don’t have to limit your storage to areas within arm’s reach. You can create a vertical storage that reaches up to the ceiling to store lesser-used kitchen equipment. Installing a sliding ladder to reach those spaces is an ingenious idea.

kitchen ladder design
Image credit: i.imgur.com


Having an open-plan kitchen is an advantage. You can easily renovate the space and implement smart kitchen storage solutions. The only thing you need is a good kitchen renovation layout that suits your budget and style preferences. Above all, it’s not only about having extra storage. It’s also about what’s practical and what looks great. You can follow kitchen design trends to find more inspiration before  renovating the space for added storage.

Thankfully, finding the right team for your kitchen renovation project is now as easy as falling off a log. Superdraft can assist you with all types of kitchen renovation projects–large or small kitchens—virtually anywhere in Australia. We can connect you with renovation experts who have decades of experience in the field so you can start planning your project in no time.

If you find this article helpful, feel free to browse through our comprehensive kitchen renovation guide.

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