8 shades of white paint for 8 different effects

You might think you took the easiest route when you decide to paint your house white. But, you’re wrong!
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You might think you took the easiest route when you decide to paint your house white. But, you’re wrong! There are numerous shades of white paint to choose from. 🙂

White isn’t just white. It can be as vivid or as soft as any other colour. It has a variety of undertones and tints, which makes the selection process a little tricky. To make your life easier, we narrowed down your choices! Here are our go-to white paint colours, how you can use them, and specific brands to try.

Creamy whites

The perfect creamy white paint is not too warm and not too cool. It makes a room look like a relaxing haven. For best results, use this shade of white with another warm colour. In this living room, the creamy white walls and ceilings are paired with a tan wall, crisp white sheer curtains, and ivory furnishings. It results in a crisp white living room that doesn’t look stark and cold.

Paint suggestions:

Left: Benjamin Moore in Acadia White

Right: Sherwin-Williams in Dover White

Warm whites

White paints with khaki undertones are naturally warm and welcoming. Use it to paint the walls or ceiling and decorate the room with natural materials to achieve an organic yet sophisticated vibe.

Paint suggestions:

Sherwin-Williams in Natural Choice

Cool whites

Cool white walls are perfect for contemporary spaces because it brings a sense of modernity and cleanliness in the room. In this apartment, the designers adorned the bright walls with neutral-coloured furniture and decor. The room looked homogeneous because there are little contrast and distraction.

Paint suggestions:

Left: Benjamin Moore in White Dove

Right: Sherwin-Williams in Extra White

Soft whites

If you like to have an art deco-inspired interiors, consider pairing a slightly soft white with jet black. The two colours will create an interesting contrast that hooks the person looking at it. It looks good as it is, but still has room for another colour or pattern. Consider doing a little dark detailing to tone down the light elements in the room.

Paint suggestions:

Sherwin-Williams in Pure White

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Snow whites

Paint can help you make classic interiors appear contemporary. In this entry, the designers painted the wainscoting with a snow white paint that contrasts with the bluish-grey walls. 

Paint suggestions:

Benjamin Moore in Super White

Antique whites

This shade works best in classic and traditional interior styles because of it’s aged appeal. The antique white paint used in this kitchen & dining room is perfect because it looks like melted vanilla ice cream.

Paint suggestions:

Left: Sherwin-William in Antique White

Right: Benjamin Moore in Antique White

Ivory whites

Many people like the look of white interiors, but they don’t want the space to appear too cold. You can achieve this by using a white paint that has a slight ivory undertone. You can see the difference between the crisp white paint (ceiling) and ivory white paint (wall). By pairing two whites, you achieve a bright room that doesn’t look cold. 

Paint suggestions:

Benjamin Moore in Atrium White (brownish)Farrow & Ball in Pointing (yellowish), and Portola in Snow Leopard (pinkish)

Grey whites

A crisp, greyish-white wall can handle lively and vivid colours. It’s the perfect wall colour when you’re planning to accentuate the room with brightly-coloured furniture/decor.  

Paint suggestions:

Left: Benjamin Moore in Dune White  

Right: Benjamin Moore in Chalk White

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